Did Grace back out? mjnewsonline


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Hey i got this from mjnewsonline and i had to post it here.

Grace BACKS DOWN from the Larry King Face off!

Nancy Grace being the coward she is, Backs down from the scheduled interview to be on Larry King Live. She was to appear opposite Mark Geragos, Michael Jackson’s Attorney during the lead in to his most recent charges, and one of the first Professionals on the scene that took glaring exception with the behavior of the Aviso Mother and children.

Grace under fire?

Hardly, this Media Spin Sister tucks her tail between her legs and RUNS! Our classed, Out witted, Out matched, Out of TRUTH!


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Notice that I changed the title of this thread. Unless they've got an article from somewhere starting this, don't post it here.

Please don't repost news from another fan website that isn't based on some form of non-fan-site article or report.


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I recall on one of her shows after a day of testimony from Mark Geragos, she was implying that he was committing purgery without saying those exact words - something to do with the Arvirsos passports were in his safe in his office and he said he didn't know that.

I'd like to see her respond to that one...with Geragos right there. Ha.


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Originally posted by Tabloid Junkie
I predicted it too. She looked drunk on Monday's Nancy Grace show.

yes, was that the show where one of the people on her panel - a woman whose name I can't recall - said she was appaulled at Grace for stating certain Amendment rights different for Michael Jackson case than for whatever they were discussing that night?? Sorry for sounding so vague but I wasn't watching that intently until the little cat fight started, haha.


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I was wondering what happened to Ms. Disgrace, maybe it got to hot for her and if ya can't stand the heat, stay the hell out the kitchen!! Here's a thought, maybe the reason why her & Diane Demon talk about Mike so much is because they're secretely in love with him!!! Yall feelin me on that? Holla back!