Er Mer Gerd! New forum...again.


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OMG! I had to do this AGAIN! *sigh* I'll just repost what I posted last year.

For the past week or so I've been wrestling with the old forum and figuring out how to convert it from an older software to a newer software.  It was significantly slowing down the server and had some unsecure coding. It, like the older forum software I was using, was starting to fill up with ridiculous spam registrations.

I was like:

Fuh real.

Again, I won't be bragging on the new forum software either because every forum, no matter what it's running, may have to deal with spam registrations and other shenanigans.  But hopefully we'll be better able to deal with it.

Good News:  :biggrin
  1. I was finally able to do a complete convert.
  2. Topics and posts were successfully moved over.
  3. If you can login here, you should now be able to use your same username/password to log into the Main Site (
  4. The forum pages load much quicker and the overall look of the forum is cleaner/brighter.
  5. All of the emoticons transferred correctly and without incident.
  6. Topic Prefixes are back (I will add them later so that you can use them)

Bad News:  :(
  1. Some Private Messages refused to come over. In some cases, you'll either have some of your messages, all of your messages, or none at all. It just depends on what the converter had to skip in order to finish the process of moving the data into the updated forum software.
  2. This is free forum software

If I find any more ridiculous stuff, I'll add it to this list

Anyway, I hope you guys have a better experience here.  After all, its the people who make the forum, right? :)


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I can login again!!  I'm so happy!  I wasn't able to for months... :(

I'm glad everything's sorted now.  :lol


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Glad site back up & running.  You know I throw a hissy  :eek:hmy anytime it does not come up.  Like new design & color.    :mjeol2


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... and can you believe I'm STILL getting rid of those old spam registrations from the old forum software? I've deleted over 400 already  :faint