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August 26, 2004

Even more grilling for Tom Sneddon


Not only did the Michael Jackson defense call DA Tom Sneddon up for grilling on the witness stand, but reader Bob Ornstein's calling Sneddon to task for an alleged "vendetta-driven" prosecution of Michael Jackson.

Sneddon, "because of his arrogant, ignorant and bull-headed 'bull-in-a- china-shop' conduct throughout the entire vendetta-driven Jackson-driven prosecution has cost the taxpayers of this county untold millions of dollars that could and should be much better spent on our highways, infrastructure, environment and very much-needed social programs," Ornstein wrote me.

"Sneddon should never have conducted himself in a manner" that resulted in him being called to the witness stand at a hearing over a raid on a private investigator's office, Ornstein added.

But Ornstein hastened to add that he wasn't suggesting that Sneddon shouldn't have filed charges against Jackson. "This is not what I suggested and surely not my call to make. That is what judges and juries are for."

DA Sneddon can't answer those accusations due to the court-imposed gag order, but consider this: When law enforcement takes on the rich, powerful and famous, it faces an enormous challenge.

Jackson, with vast financial resources, is putting on a ferocious defense, and the trial hasn't even started. It's set for January, so expect to see lots more legal maneuvering.

When allegations surfaced that Jackson had supposedly sexually molested a boy, Sneddon could have just punted. Too touchy a case against one of the world's most famous entertainers. Surely a legal migraine.

Jackson is facing a possible prison term if convicted and his defense team is fighting tooth and nail. You can expect everything to be challenged, maybe even including the color of Sneddon's necktie.

As for costs, the county's bill is rapidly approaching the half-million-dollar mark. Courthouse security alone accounts for about $240,000 so far. This means that the county's whole legal enchilada could top $4 million for the anticipated four-month trial if the media frenzy and fan fascination keep on keeping on.

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