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Michael Jackson Fan Call To Action
MichaelGate: The Conspiracy, Author Geraldine Hughes Needs Your Support

Hello to the world's greatest fans, supporters and friends of Michael Jackson:

I continue to marvel at the power of Michael Jackson's fan clubs and fans. I seek your assistance once again in getting my next book "MichealGate: The Conspiracy" picked up by a major publisher which would eliminate the problems that we had with Redemption being published by a small publisher.

My agent is pitching MichaelGate to several major publishers and she feels that if we give them a sign of support from Michael's fans, this will move their hands in penning the deal. We are now looking at the book being released in February 2006 and, as most of you already know, it is about all the conspiracies that were responsible for the 2005 Michael Jackson trial. It is being called MichaelGate because I am skillfully showing the resemblances between Watergate and what happened to Michael Jackson (government abuse of power).

If you are in support of me getting this book published and out, this time by a major publisher, can you please send me a SHORT email stating why you think this book should be published and how you intend to support it: Please send email to: titled "MichaelGate".

Thank you, once again, and with your help, my next book, which too will reveal the truth about the 2005 conspiracies, will not only be published, but will be promoted worldwide.

Source: Geraldine Hughes/MJJF


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