Hard Copy Finds Perfect Slot: A Grave In The Sleaze Cemetery (Sept 4 1999)


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`Hard Copy' Finds Perfect Slot: A Grave In The Sleaze Cemetery
The Commercial Appeal. Memphis, Tennessee
<font color=\"#CC0000\">Sep 4, 1999 </font> . pg. F.2

Dearly beloved. Today, we come to bury Hard Copy, not to praise it. And while it\'s never polite to speak ill of the dead - even those we really dislike - in its passing we feel obligated to point out what the show and its ilk have wrought.

Historians will note that Hard Copy and other tabloid TV newsmagazines flourished in the O. J.-crazed latter half of the 1990s - a period that has been to journalism what the reign of the emperor Caligula was to government.

In the course of its 10-year run, Hard Copy turned anchors Terry Murphy, Barry Nolan and Diane Dimond into just about the most repulsive things you could see in your living room with less than six legs. Though production ended in the spring, reruns of the program cease airing next week, three years after the death of its predecessor and fellow wallower in the tabloid ooze, A Current Affair.
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