have you ever...


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have you ever been told that you dont know anything about mj's case? i just was on another message board and i dont care. have you guys ever been told that?

frozen rose

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I have. My friend says 'I know nothing' and says 'she knows everything' Do you wanna know what I said to her...I said, 'BullShit' or 'BS' for short, how ever you want to put it. Lol.


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lol yeh.

I have a 'friend' Sarah.. she studies law for A level. Because of that, she thinks she knows absolutely everything and tells me I'm wrong about this case.

She makes me laugh.


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the topic i was told i dont know anything about this case was titles "dont Michael Jackson Fans have jobs?" and this is the 1st thing i said bc i was pissed:
This is the biggest bunch of bull i have ever read. For starters the kid and his mom are LIERS! Michael is innocent. Iam a Michael Jackson fan and have been for 16 years. I belive in Michael 100%. You guys have no clue what your talking about. and YES mj fans DO HAVE jobs. We have lives you know. Just bc we want to support Michael by going to the court house doesnt make us stupid and a bunch of losers. We do it bc Michael means the world to us and we wil support him no matter what. I have followed this case since day 1 and he is innocent. The mom is a greedy witch and the kid is a lier. Who goes to lawyer BEFORE going to the police if my kid was molested i'd go to the cops and then i'd find the sicko who did it and hang him by his balls and beat the crap outta him. Its all about money and that very plane to see.
a mj fan told me this ) my sn is tayslovergurl003 on this board he justy didnt put the numbers in it:
tayslovergurl, these fanatic posts of yours REALLY aren't helping the cause any.

Calm down, people can have an opinion. Specially since their's (and our) opinions don't matter, none of us are on the jury!

i told him i can say what i want and that everyone else does and he can bite me.

heres was a DESCENT mj fan said:
Is it just me or does it sound like you guys want Michael to be found guilty? But that cant be because then that means he really did molest a kid. I know you'll would not want that to be true..


I agree with tayslovergurl003 and no not just because she is a fan. Because she has a point. She can say what she thinks just like you'll are. But about your question yes we do have jobs! Now some people I know are crazy trust me. Their are a few people up their who quit their jobs. But hey w.e floats their boat. I am going to be going up their for about a week and I have a job and go to school. The people up their go because they Love Michael and want to show their support for him

heres me:
The mother in this case went to SAME lawyer from 93 Larry Feldman who is a CIVIL lawyer. this whole case is trash and i believe in Michael and i dont give a rats butt what anyone saids. most of you dont know what in gods names your talking about. There have been TWO leaks from the grand jurt transcripts and thats illegal. They never shouls have been leaked bc the jugde has them sealed and they werent supposed to be made public. also the DA Tom Sneddon did TWO raids on Neverland. They tells you that he doesnt have a thing on Michael and that he so desperate that he will do anything to get a innocent man behind bars. thats sick.

heres what a hatter said:
funny think is tayslover...u don't know any more than the rest of us so just calm ur butt down and let the courts do there jobs will ya? the only people that really know are the boy and michael.....

me again:
excuse me? honey i know more about this case then you know about the back of your dang hand. so shove it.

wow u just told me....congratulations


wow your sarcastism is sooo cute! "claps"

im evil and i love it! lol :)