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Aaaaggghhh!!! I need help.. not mental help so do not fear!
For the past year ( or maybe eight months lol) i have noticed a guy about and i sometimes see him on my way to and from college. I am 19 and he is maybe in his thirties (i'm guessing). he works in a shop which i go past as i said above,on my way to and from college. The reason i need help is because i think he may like me, but i'm not too sure so i need help from you girls... and guys if you can help. He will do certain things such as: when he is unloading things out of the van, i notice that he will look at me alot and kind of nod his head, he'll stare sometimes. there was one time when i was with my friend and we were on our way home and were walking towards the shop.he came out of the shop to ask his colleague something (i presume) and then saw me, and whilst he walked back into the shop, he looked again and stood at the doorway. we were 6 or so shops away. i walked past him, and he was watching me . another time was when i was again with a friend and were on our way home. i was 6 or so shops away and he saw me. he was getting into the van and as he was getting into the van, he stood on the step to get higher and looked at me. i don't know if its just me and maybe its nothing.

one last thing was when i had a black knee length dress on blue ballet pumps. i was dressed like this as it was my last day at college, and we had to dress up smart. again he saw me and kept looking at me. as i walked past the shop, he was standing inside looking at me as i walked past.

ive spoken to my brother about this, and from his POV, he thinks that the guy likes me.

i need your help.

nim XXXX

buy the way, if you did not get any of what i have typed above, i will be more than happy to write it out more clearer.

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Well first off be really careful, he seems to have abit of a staring problem and I would become suspecious of it, that could be pretty scary, seriously will It actually hurt him to come up and say 'hi'?, if so then he could just be extremely shy and dos'nt know how to approach you cause he dos'nt want to scare or push you away which in most cases is understandable, there are people who are that way. If he continues to "stare" alot at you, I would just go up to him, not alone, with someone or with other people around say 'hello' and get take it from there, because from my understanding of reading what you said, you guys never formally talked to one another so you don't want to be alone in situations like that, it could be dangerous especailly if you don't really know who he is or about. Just be very cautious.:)