How am I

sweet princess

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How am I

People always ask me, “How are you?”
I always say, “I’m fine.”
But they can see that I’m not always telling the truth.

I don’t always tell the truth, I have my reasons.
I’m very picky when it comes to meeting people or knowing them.
I’m a very private person, I only share my feeling with the ones who know me really well.

It is those people who know who I really am.
They know how moody I get, it is with them that I let my emotions out. I’m able to be me.

It is always said that I’m a sweet person, that is true.
But there are certain people that have taken advantage of my kindness. That leaves me to withdraw from people that I once trusted.

If you were to ask me, “How are you feeling?”
I’d say, “Sad” Sad because I didn’t want you to leave us so soon.
I know you wouldn’t want us to be but it’s so hard. My 1 wish is that when my time comes, I hope that you will greet me with open arms when I get up there, so I can see that beautiful smile on your face after I get a hug from you.

I love you forever.

Dedicated with love to Michael J. Jackson