I\'d Give Anything.


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Really personal poem about my gran and grandad. If you don't like, don't waste your breath.

They wouldn't let me see you
"No place for a child"
I converted and prayed
And I begged and I screamed.
I've hated hospitals since.

She depended so much on you.
You waited on her hand and foot.
The purity and love in your heart
only matched by hers.

It was inevitable
her death.
Broken heart.
I needed her. She was all I had.
But I guess she needed you more.

Even at my young age
I knew I'd rather die
Than grow up in this world
With two of my fravourite people.. gone.

I'd give anything to get you back.

I'd give my life.


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Chrissy... this has brought a tear to my eye. This is exactly how I feel about my Grandmother. I love her so much, and I miss her even more. :(

Thank you for this poem. It has given me something to think about.


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Thanks, Krys! I didn't think it would do that.. but I'm glad it did.

Thanks, Keerthi :)... sarah thank you so much.. I love your poetry :D