I Knew


New member
That first drive we took
Your fingers drawing unfamiliar patterns
on my thigh
I could feel it
Creeping up the inside of my leg
Washing over my hips
Curling to a fist around my heart
Pulling me to you.

Glancing at each other coyly,
Missing each other by seconds.
Not knowing where to look
What to say.
Feeling like teenagers
First experiencing love.
Shifting in my seat
His simple touch
Seemingly scrambling my mind
My logic.

Awkward but sexy silences
Both thinking the same
Trying to resist the same
Wondering who’ll break the still of air
Hovering between us.
Tantalizing both of us.
Air turning to your hand, fingers
Stroking my face.. Soothing.

Both move together
As though choreographed
Me gently pulling you nearer and you..
You not resisting.
Inexperienced in something so romantic
Yet after savouring your touch on my skin
I knew I’d hunger for it constantly.
I knew I’d love it everlastingly.

I knew I’d love you like I do.