I wonder

sweet princess

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I wonder

I often wondered what happened to you.
I thought you were the same person that I met in high school

My, how things have changed, you’re not the same person that I knew in high school. There is something about you that scares the hell out of me. It’s the way you live your life and the choices that you have made.

These choices have made you an unhappy man. You have slept with many women and you wonder why some of your past relationships didn’t last very long.

It was because you wanted something much more than what you had in front of you. You expect too much from women.

To you all they are is sex objects and someone that you can boss around.
I was willing to help you through the rough times, be your shoulder to cry on.
All that changed when you told me that you only see me as a friend.

You had me believing that you actually loved me.
But I doubted you-because I knew that you had
Feelings for someone else other then me.

Like a fool, you told me that I had you
And I was yours. I thought we were
A couple.

I was wrong; you don’t want just one woman,
You want them all. You want to date them-
But you don’t want to commit yourself
To a relationship.

You say sex isn’t that much fun anymore, yet when
You see a good looking woman you want to
Sleep with her.

You say that you don’t want kids but, you
Ended up getting a woman preagent
And leaving her to care for your son
All by herself.

I worry that something bad will happen to you.
I’m worried that you’ll die young because of
The drinking.

Why am I saying this now? Because if something bad does
Happen to you, I want you to know that someone did love
You. I loved you more then words can say.

I’m not asking you for your pity, I’m letting you know
That the way you treated me was not right. I let you
Know expertly how I felt about you.

Me telling you how I felt gave me hope
Made me want to love again.

I was willing to give love another shot.
I wanted some one to love me for who
I am. I wanted that someone to be

I don’t think you realize how much pain you’ve put
Me through. You took my feelings that I had for you
And twisted them to boost your stupid ego.

I also wonder if these women know that
You’re using them to make yourself
Look good.

Our friendship that we had is going
Down the drain. I can’t be friends
With someone that I had feelings

When I’m gone, you’ll be begging me
To take you back. I won’t because
You’ll do the same thing again.

Dedicated to Levi J Hamlin