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Okay I do not want to be a downer on the NEW Michael Jackson VISION box set, however why is the short film "GHOSTS" and and "Smooth Criminal" cut short?? One of the reasons I bought this was to be able to see "GHOSTS" in clearity for the first time. What a major downer. :( You can read the article here:


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I never waste my money buying these sorts of things now, I used to be an avid collector of Michael, now I might buy 'his' new CD (might) and that's it. Ten thousand greatest hits CDs of exactly the same music and I'm over it. I mean, the making of Thriller and Ghosts isn't even on DVD.


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Oldschooly said:
I never waste my money buying these sorts of things now, I used to be an avid collector of Michael, now I might buy 'his' new CD (might) and that's it. Ten thousand greatest hits CDs of exactly the same music and I'm over it. I mean, the making of Thriller and Ghosts isn't even on DVD.

Leave it to SONY!!!! :pullhair


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Sony have ruined the picture resolution of Michael of the majority of Michael's videos. I'm disappointed that the picture resolution of the videos hasn't greatly enhanced. In fact I think the picture resolution of the videos has been degraded, as they appear grainy which they never were on previous DVD releases. I've been a fan for very close to 28yrs (since early 1983 when Billie Jean was No.1 in the charts), and I'm shocked how little care and the lack of respect Sony have shown to Michael's amazing and innovative music videos.

The majority of the videos the DVD's have had the picture resolution made lighter, making the videos look like bad 3rd generation copies. In some cases, like parts of the videos are blurred. For example on the Billie Jean video when Michael sings "So take my strong advice, just remember to always think twice (Do think twice)", there is a long shot just before Michael does a spin in front of the billboard if the "Lousia" video of two girls. The long shot is very blurred and for a second static. This was never like that before.

Most videos have greatly improved sound, but are let down by the tampering of the colour/resolution on the videos with on some of them look heavily posturised. The Thriller video has been ruined, it looks faded and the sound is on it has been made a lot lower. Smooth Criminal looks awful, great sound but to grainy looking. And it doesn't look like that on the DVD, Blu-ray of Moonwalker, or the video cassette of the movie I've had since 1989. All Michael's videos from the Off The Wall look awful and have been ruined by Sony.

I think Sony lightened the picture resolution, to give more definition to things like Michael's clothes, face and hair etc. But what they have done doesn't work or look natural. There are bits of the Bad video that are good, and give you a really good definition of Michael's face, but the video as a whole still looks too light. Don't Stop'Till You Get Enough seems to have a layer of lines running over the top that wasn't there before, and some sort of video filter seems to have been added to the coller of Michael's jacket that looks too digital. Rock With You seems to have enhanced the sparkle of Michael's rhinestone costume, and it just looks too computer generated.

On the Bonus Discthe resolution on this disc is better. None of the videos I've seen before on them are greatly improved, but I thought the picture on resolution for the Enjoy Yourself video was brilliant. The video for Can You Feel it is a bit too light at very beginging, but on the whole I think the picture resolution has been improved. Say, Say, Say, like all of the videos on Disc 1&2 has in my opinion been ruined it looks too pixelated. The prison version of They Don't Care About Us, looks amazing and the picture resolution is brilliant and how all of the videos on Disc 1&2 should look.

I really liked Michael's performance on the One More Chance video was brilliant, just a shame most of the shots of Michael were of his back or from a long distance. But that was obviously Michael's choice.

I just don't get how Sony could have ruined the picture resolution of Michael's greatest music videos on Disc 1. Billie Jean, Beat It and Thriller (and Michael's Motown 25 performance of Billie Jean) look stunning and of high picture resolution of the DVD for the Thriller 25 album. All Michael's videos look brilliant of Visionary CD/DVD discs that were released in 2006. Also on the much better on the HIStory: Video Greatest Hits than they do on the supposed "fully restored and remastered" videos on this Vision DVD.

It's nice and about time all Michael's videos were put together in one collection. But it's come at a price of Sony ruining Michael's videos. I sure I'll hardly ever watch this collection. Warner Bros who look after the movies of genius director Stanley Kubrick, won't touch his movies ie they won't release anamorphic widescreen versions etc of his flims because the director is dead and no longer around the approve any changes, just like Michael can't approve of changes to his music videos. The same respect should have been given to Michael Jackson's videos. They were perfect as they were, just that some original cuts like the Bad video should have been released, but Sony even changed the picture of Michael on the credits to a black background etc on the end credits.

I will stick my the previous DVD's of Michael's videos and my original 1987 television recording of the full length Bad video. Because they still look stunning and were fully approved and seen by Michael. I'm not watching videos that have been badly tampered with. No respect is being shown to Michael Jackson's legacy or to us fans by Sony.

I wrote this post a few days ago on another MJ fan site. I have to say, I have been watching the Bonus Disc a lot. I love watching Blame It On The Boogie and Can You Feel It, and They Don't Care About Us (Prison Version), even though I've seen them many times before.