Jackson Wins Restraining Order Against Vaccaro (April 20 2004)


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Jackson Wins Restraining Order Against Vaccaro

On Monday, March 22, 2004, Recording Superstar Michael Jackson, through his Civil attorney, Brian G. Wolf, Esquire, filed an action in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, to stop Henry V. Vaccaro, a New Jersey businessman, from selling personal property of Mr. Jackson’s, which Vaccaro claims is in his possession.

The Court issued a broad temporary restraining order last week in favor of Michael Jackson and against Henry Vaccaro and each and all of his agents, employees and attorneys. Among other things, the restraining order enjoins and prevents Vaccaro (1) from transferring possession of any property of Mr. Jackson’s to any person, firm or entity, (2) from making any use of Mr. Jackson’s name, photograph or likeness in connection with any website owned or operated by defendants, and (3) from selling, offering to sell, transferring, disposing, or encumbering any property of Mr. Jackson’s. The restraining order also requires Vaccaro to remove all references to Mr. Jackson’s name, identity, and photograph from any web site owned or operated by defendants.

Says Brian G. Wolf, Esquire, “I am pleased with the Court Order, and intend to vigorously seek the return of his personal property from Vaccaro and any other persons or entities who might have received possession of his property from Vaccaro.”

Source: http://www.mjjsource.com/index.php/press/r...gainst-henry-v-


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It is too bad these people forget that Michael Jackson Fans have long memories and information such as found here to keep it fresh.
This post ties in with the previous topic " Did Jax reporter brief DA?" and one Henry Vaccaro who is attempting to rewrite history.

Now that Michael is gone and Henry seems to be getting close to the family is claiming he was "subpoena by the DA for anything
of interest in the storage room. There is no sign of any subpoena or filings btw Prosecution & Defense in the court document.
What is found is a bunch of whining about "his" property and a statement to Sneddon that sounds more like.... a dog panting looking
for favor on a good job done for his master. (Will edit this post when this court found is found and posted)