James Brown, Michael Jackson and Prince LIVE


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I have.

That was my first video I ever came across on Limewire, and then I became interested in downloading as much MJ stuff as I could. 24GB's later....I can't find anything else that I havent seen. LOL

Prince looked so unappreciative of the invite on stage. He looked like he was either high or something too lol. He didn't even acknowledge Mike, and barely James Brown..just barely. But hey, that was just one time I've seen them together..so who knows about other confrontations?


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Cool! :cool: I've never seen that video before! Aww@Michael and James! LMAO@James cracking up while Michael was dancing--he couldn't stop laughing! :lol And Prince :blink: Well the show was ALL ABOUT HIM ya know? :rollin Actually I don't even think Michael was up there on the stage when Prince got up there (well I couldn't see him anyway)! Knowing Michael he slowly disappeared in the background, aww...:wub:

Thanks for sharing, Wacky Sis! :D