Jason Francia 1993 Police questioning


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Some ppl still dont quite understand who Jason Francia is or why he was saying what he said at the 2005 trial. Here's the police interview of Francia from 1993 where you can clearly see the police lying to him about Mac Culkin and scaring him with becoming a drug addict if he hangs around Jackson

Download: http://site2.mjeol.c...oad/34/251.html (subscription)

Jason Francia: What do you mean he's bothering?
Det. Birchim: He's doing the same thing.
Jason Francia: Macauly Culkin
Det. Neglia: Only he's getting a lot more into it. Like your mother pulled you out of there. Macaulay's mother is not going to pull him out of there. They are feeding him.

And they go on to lie unashamedly to this little kid hoping he would make a false allegation.​