Jordan Chandler Made To Admit Lie


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Two of my favorite places for information is MJEOL & Vindicating Michael. While reading through older articles I found one I had read several times before, when the light went on and this is what I finally saw:

He was NOT circumcised
November 21, 2009
by vindicatemj

T. Mes: Are you Jordan Chander the young man who claimed Michael Jackson sexually molested him?

Jordan: Yes

T. Mes: Are you the author of a certain drawing meant to represent MJ's genitals?

Sneddon: I object your honor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Melvile: Objections over ruled. Witness is to answer the question.

Jordan: Yes

T. Mes: Jordan can you tell the courts how it is that on 3 separate occasions you either verbally stated or drew a picture of Jackson from intimate knowledge of his anatomy but in each occasion you said he was circumcised when he is not, has never been nor had any type of surgery to repair a circumcision?

Jordan: (silence.........................)

Tom Mesereau was going to make Jordan admit the lie on the stand, not use the witnesses to make him look like a liar, but Jordan himself. That is why he threatened to sue anyone who attempted to make him testify.

This was something Jordan knew that so did the DA's office and a multitude of Journalists.

The answer was so simple and it has been looking us in the face all this time.
Please read: http://vindicatemj.w...ot-circumcised/