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I'm posting this message from Ms Tenda over at MJJForum

May 30th, 2005

Subject: MJJF: A Voice of Reason (please read!)

To all Michael's Fans:

Obviously, the past year and a half has been physically and mentally exhausting for all of us, particularly Michael. The marathon is finally almost over. Michael is strong and has Faith, so we need to do our part as well. Mez is a great attorney who knows what he is doing and has done a phenomenal job in handling Michael's case. We need to put our Faith in him as well. Soon it will be in the hands of the jury and they have followed this case closely. Keep in mind that unlike the rest of America and the world, the jurors have not been watching Court TV to form their opinions-they have experienced it unfiltered and first hand.

It's inevitable to have a certain sense of helplessness and anxiety as we approach these final days. When you feel the stress getting to you, a sage word of advice to keep your sanity: turn OFF Diane Dimond and the TV and turn ON a song like "Unbreakable" or "Keep The Faith". The media commentary and opinions of people like Dimond, Nancy Grace, and Jim Thomas will have zero impact on the 12 jurors and the final outcome (ZERO!) so why let it affect YOU?!? Let's see how many of us can follow this advice and you will see that it works. And when even that isn't enough, remember to BREATHE! That's right, never underestimate the value of the basics of life by taking an occasional deep breath.

Twelve years ago Michael Jackson said that "The Truth will be my salvation." Yes, it's true that the outcome of this trial is far from a certainty. But there is one thing that is certain: God is watching over Michael Jackson this week. It's up to all of us to be strong and to set a unified example to the rest of the world that Michael himself would be proud of. For those of us going to Santa Maria, be respectful and courteous at all times. Security will be "over the top", particularly on the last day of the trial and the last thing any of us wants is to give them a reason to intervene.

As far as support for each other, you are logged into the ultimate support mechanism. This Forum was created to unify Michael's fans and supporters for moments such as this. We are ALL in this together. Never forget or underestimate that. As Michael would say...Brace yourself, and above all else "Keep the Faith".

Keep the faith, baby, yea
Because it's just a matter of time
Before your confidence will win out
Believe in yourself no matter what it's gon' take
You can be a winner, but you got to keep the faith...
And you can go by feel, instead of circumstance
The power's in believing...So Keep the Faith

~ The MJJForum Fan Community ~