Kissing Me To Sleep


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Whispering words of love
Telling of intent,
the hushed giggle still playing in my ear.
Lips sweeping across my skin
Flower petals whirling with the leaves,
dancing with the wind.
Strong hands stroking my hair so gently,
insistantly seeking my lips with his.

Like a well practiced ballet
Moving amongst and around each other
gently teasing with longing looks,
kisses.. incoherent pieces of whispered needs.
Easily melting together
arms and legs wrapped and entwined
breath and lips on my back, neck, ears..
kissing me to sleep.


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aw this is beautiful and my favourite of yours that I have read thus far. :D You are growing as a poet!
aw and Minnie, maybe you can...when I first wrote I was real bad, but that desire to improve led the away and I'm better give it a go :D
Well done Acy :)


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minnie, thank you :wub: And I bet you could! There's loads of different styles, there is no right or wrong way to write a poem :) Just write what you're feeling.

Thanks Jodi :8-26-03fruits_apple This one's down to Lucy, otherwise it woulda ended up all rhyming and boring :D


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This was so good! You're a true romantic. I loved's a great scenerio to imagine oneself's in. :cloud9