Live Earth


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Has anyone seen any of the concerts? I thought Madonna did an okay performance... yet that's just me ^_^ :p I didn't care for the Smashing Pumpkins.......oh well, they get who they can get.... has anyone taken a pledge for Live Earth? :8-26-03fruits_apple


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Yeah, I watched 14 hours of Live Earth on TV yesterday. The commentator was constantly telling the viewers Madonna, Roger Waters, and The Police were coming soon. I was waiting and waiting the entire day and evening, getting rather bored by many of the rather unknown artists, and then, right at 4 AM, the whole thing was coming to an end and the commentator finished by saying, ''Unfortunately, we didn't have enough time to air everything, but will do at a later occasion.'' :rolleyes:

I was pissed off -- and TIRED. :8-26-03ranting:

So... I hope to at least see Madonna's performance on youtube or something. :popcorn

However, yeah, I will surely try to do my share of saving the planet. :D Everybody should.


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^ aw man that sucks. watching 14 hrs is a damn long time though! yeah, hopefully youtube to the rescue!

has anyone taken a pledge for Live Earth?
I haven't taken a pledge, no...but I've gotten in the habit of recycling. Something that I've really made a conscious effort to do this past year. And trust me...I would LOVE to be able to drive a hybrid.