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Hey Everything, a fan posted this message by Raymone K. Bain, Michael's publicist. It's a message to from Michael to the fans.

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Michael's messages


Raymone Bain has sent a message to the fans:

"Michael Jackson would like to thank his fans, from all over the world, for their love and support. He loves you all very much. He and his family are doing fine, and he, and his brother, Randy, wants you to know that they appreciate all of the cards and letters that you have sent.

"In addition, Michael sends a special thank you for all of the support you have given to him regarding the Eminem situation. Eminem is wrong. Eminem owes Mr. Jackson a public apology; and, the video needs to be pulled from MTV, MTV2 and MTVEurope.

"As he's said, he is not taking this lightly. The video was demeaning and disrespectful to him, his children, his family, and the community at large.

"He appreciates all that you have done as well as Bob Johnson, Chairman/CEO of BET, Comedian Steve Harvey, Radio One, The Source, and many, many others who have either written letters or spoken out on his behalf.

"We are not through in our fight. He is very strong, and we are all going to continue in our efforts to make sure that this video is pulled, and the song is removed from Eminem´s upcoming album."

Thank you all very much!
Raymone K. Bain

PS This is message is not yet posted on MJJ Source, but I thought I passed it along to you, case anyone has not yet seem this.

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:morethana Mike always thanks us..xiixi :console actually there is no need to say thanks..but he canot stop thanking..sweetheart.. :console
I've already seen this, but thanks for bringing this to people's attention who wasn't aware of this message. Michael is so sweet... I just love him :D



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1 thing about being an Mj fan is that U know ur fandom is appreciated by him.
About the whole Eminem thing. I think the video should be pulled but not the song from the abum.