Michael Jackson eyes stately home in Britain

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Michael Jackson eyes stately home in Britain 30 minutes ago

LONDON (AFP) - US pop singer Michael Jackson may be thinking about moving to Britain after he made enquiries about purchasing a stately home in the country, a British newspaper says.

The former megastar and his three children have been staying on and off at Cliveden, a magnificent dwelling in Berkshire, southern England, for the past month, the Mail on Sunday reported.

The weekly said "it was understood" that Jackson, 47, had asked whether the mansion was up for sale, only to be told it belonged to The National Trust and was leased to a hotel group.

The star's official spokesman, however, told the newspaper: "It would surprise no one if Michael ended up staying in Britain."

Cliveden, one of Britain's grandest stately homes, has a colourful past that adds to its allure.

A swimming pool in the grounds was where John Profumo, a former minister caught up in a Cold War sex and spy tangle, first met the ravishing young call girl Christine Keeler who ended his career. Profumo died on Friday aged 91.

Jackson, for his part, has other housing problems at present.

California authorities have closed his Neverland ranch after workers complained they have not been paid since December.

The pop star has spent most of his time in Bahrain since he was acquitted last June of sexual molestation charges by a California jury.

During his trip to Britain, Jackson, using the pseudonym Mr Tucker, has also stayed at a hotel in the Cotswolds, southwest England, and visited Scotland, according to Mail on Sunday.

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There was a report on the Scottish news about Michael enquring a home in Scotland, they stated the exact location but my dad was screaming "Michael's in Scotland, Michaels in Scotland" that I missed the rest of the report :rolleyes:

I'm not exactly sure wether Michael's currently in Scotland or news organisations have only just discovered this rumour??

The news reporter also mention Michael staying at a castle in Scotland which belongs to mohamed al fied.. :cryptic


Germany, Bahrian, Dubai, Oman, Britain...

I't's Sydney next. Jess, get ready!
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