Michael Jackson support writsbands

Ow, I really want one.. =( but again, I don't have paypal.. and I probably can't afford it! Lol. Yes, I am that poor..
Lol, They're a great idea though.. I really want one as everyone at school has livestrong ones, and their all the same.. and I wanna be like the only one with a Michael Jackson one.. would be great

Oh well, might as well keep dreaming!
O-o really? Are you sure?!!
(you do know I would love you for like ever if you did don'tcha?!)
I really don't mind.. its up to you
Thank you anyway though =D


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^ Sure! lol i wouldn't offer if i didn't mean it.

It's ordered and on it's way! Once I receive it, I'll get you to PM me your address and I'll send it to ya :)


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Finally, I figured it out...I was kinda thinking 'don't get one' cuz EVERYONE has one of these, but then I thought "Who else has a Michael Jackson one?"


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Got mine! :D Few days back.. I was away..lol

So yeh.. Gemma and Divinity In Motion (Sorry.. I'm real bad with names) I'll PM you and get your addresses to send em out :D


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It's interesting....

I received mine last Wednesday. I put it on and haven't taken it off except for when I shower. I didn't think anyone would notice since everyone seems to have a bracelet that stands for something these days. I have had several people ask me what it stands for and where I got it. So far nobody has tried to start crap with me regarding what I believe (I must hang with some smart people!). :lol:


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Originally posted by privacy
I put it on my ankle cus they're huuuuuuuge! :laugh
Yeah I've heard that, and for a while I didn't want to order one because I was afraid that I would just loose because I've got really small wrists...

But yesterday I ordered one anyway... :D