Michael's first date with Shannon!


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Once upon a time, Michael had a stressful day. Fans,fans,fans he had to deal with. He didn't mind. He caught his eye on this beautiful girl in high heels. Shannon of course! He wanted to go talk to her for a while. Finally, a beautiful girl he found! :rollin "Hi!" Michael said. "Hi!" said Shannon with a faint-sh voice. She would have told him that she was a fan, but she knew that he had to deal with fans all day! "How is life?" Michael said. "Good. I'm looking forward to seeing my Mom. She's in California." Shannon said. "You.......... wanna go out with me before you see your Mom?" Michael said. "Sure!" Shannon said. Shannon said: "Here's my phone number. See you at 7:30?" "Yes!" Michael said.


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SweetGirl;180839 said:
You are very nice!
You know I had a Dream about you, too. It's funny that I dream about people on this forum. Very weird.

:blink: Dare I ask... what about? :lol