MJJ Source Seal of Recognition


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Everyone Listen Up! I believe Whisper's MJEOL Site deserves the MJJ Source FanClub and Site Seal Of Recognition. She work very hard on this site and thanks to MJEOL BULLETS. I say we e-mail MJJ Source and let them know about this wonderful site. Any suggestions or comments. Full free to let me know and if its alright with Whisper. I seem a lot MJ Sites including MJJForum have this seal. I believe Whisper deserves one for her hard work.

minnie michael

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yes Whisper..i wanna help our mjeol become MJJS seal of recognition site..let's e-mail Karen together..they have already known Whisper i think..mjeol deserve that.. :D

anyway i wanna say our Michael's Chinese fanclub became MJJS seal of recognition site days ago..aww..that's so proud..right...iixix :D