Murray's Early Release: Dis-information - Omitted Information


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Since the leaked AEG emails and revelations coming from this trial I have wondered how different the charges against Murray, his trial and sentencing could have been. I wonder what a difference having the testimony of Thome, a key figure to both cases, someone whose absence is highly conspicuous would have made to the overall verdicts.

After Murray was convicted there were reports from around the globe which gleefully reported he would serve only two of a four year sentence.

There were conspiracy theories plenty over this situation.  What was not properly reported or maybe overlooked by many of us was the fact California was releasing felons from its 33 State Prisons; maybe some of them dangerous.  Persons with less then a four year sentence were sent to over crowded County jails.

Governor Jerry Brown faces violating an US Supreme Court ruling if 10,000 prisoners from the State Prisons are not released soon.  If it requires releasing 10,000 from the prisons then the number may be equally as high for the State's 58 County Jails.  These Jails have been required to take the overflow of non-dangerous felons.  The people of California faces having 10,000 State Prisoners release upon them.  I am sure the Governor will demand the worse stay locked up.

Regardless to what you think of Murray or what a fitting prison sentence would be, he is not classified as a dangerous felon so he may be release 2 whole weeks early. 

If I can find a well run program which works towards insuring neither he nor anyone even loosely connected makes a dime off his ties to Michael then I will fully support it.  (It is typically done for others so I don't see why it should not be done for him.)

Did you know Murray's sentence reduction had to do with something other than California Politics? 

Google  "Conrad Murray to serve two of a four year sentence".  Select the news agency you read most.  Make sure it is a 2011 article and see what it tells you.  The ones I read omitted that important fact about this being a Supreme Court decision.