my jordan chandler dream...


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i once had this dream awhile back of mj in some type of hospital bed. i was sitting by him and we were both watching the tv. and jordan chandler was on oprah telling her the truth about the 93 case. he said in a very loud and blunt tone 'michael jackson NEVER molested me.' oprah looked really down and had nothing to say...she then said to jordan, look into the camera to tell michael a message. he looked in the camera saying 'i'm sorry for everything we put you through.' then i leaned over to mj and gave him a kiss. *grins but do any of you think it'll happen?:( that jordan may set the record straight one day?


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I had the same thing, only it wasn't a dream. I was just thinking about it. I've thought about this often, I really do.

Sometimes I want to feel sorry for Jordie and Gavin… than I remember, and to this day, neither one of them have the balls to stand up and speak the truth. Especially Jordan, considering he is what, 27 years old. What sort of act from God will it take for them to just fess up already? They’ve got nothing to lose. But if they choose to live with a guilty conscience knowing in their mind they put an innocent man through turmoil and permanent public scrutiny that will remain for the rest of his life and as how he will be remembered, more power to them.

In a perfect world, Jordan would make an appearance on Oprah Winfrey in addition to a Larry King Live interview.

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whisper;197793 said:
I'll start feeling sorry for them once they PUBLICLY repent over what they did to an innocent man.

Amen, they think they were put through hell, not really true.
They put Michael through more hell, not only did they do that to
him they did that to us-I don't know if I could forgive them for that.:mad: