My Michael & Janet Collection


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Here are some of the files I have of Michael, Janet, Jacksons, and J5 :D
Breakof_Dawn2002 Media Empire
Files I am getting RIGHT NOW: History Ostende 1997 (Part2),Dangerous Oviedo 1992
_Video Files_
++++++++++ *Concerts* ++++++++++

*Michael Jackson*
-BAD World Tour-
Osaka 1987 (1hour13min)--------------------------------PRO(737mb,1VCD)
Osaka 1987 (Black And White Version)1hour31min---------PRO(900mb,1VCD)
Osaka 1987 (Color Version)1hour36min-------------------PRO(627mb,1VCD)
Tokyo 1987(Black Shirt)42min---------------------------PRO(471mb,1VCD)
Tokyo 1987 (Red Shirt)9min-----------------------------PRO(83mb,1VCD)
Tokyo 1987 (1hour)-------------------------------------PRO(2.23G,1VCD),&(599mb,1VCD)
Yokohama 1987 (1hours37min)----------------------------PRO(591mb,1VCD)
Barcelona 1988 (1hours57min)---------------------------AMA(1.06G,1VCD)
Cologne 1988 (1hours22min)-----------------------------AMA(799mb,1VCD)
Gothenburg 1988 (1hours23min)--------------------------AMA(864mb,1VCD)
Kansas 1988 (18min)------------------------------------PRO(172mb,1VCD)
Marbella 1988 (1hour5min)------------------------------AMA(659mb,1VCD)
MSG 1988 (6min)----------------------------------------PRO(61mb,1VCD)
Rome 1988 (1hours23min)--------------------------------AMA(829mb,2VCD)
Tokyo 1988 (1hours45min)-------------------------------AMA(1.03G,1VCD)
Wembley 1988 (1hour36min)------------------------------AMA(962mb,2VCD)
Wrecter 1988 (12min)-----------------------------------PRO(106mb,1VCD)

-Dangerous World Tour-
Barcelona 1992
Bucharest 1992 (3SAT Version)1hours50min---------------PRO(1.07G,2VCD)
Bucharest 1992 (BBC Version)1hour57min-----------------PRO(1.19G,2VCD)
Bucharest 1992 (HBO Version)1hour53min-----------------PRO(696mb,1VCD)
Frankfurt 1992 (2hours)--------------------------------AMA(1.14G,2VCD)
Madrid 1992 (1hours18min)------------------------------AMA(778mb,2VCD)
Monza 1992 (1hour55min)--------------------------------AMA(1.13G,1VCD)
Neverland Rehersals 1992 (1hours46min)-----------------PRO(1.00G,2VCD)
Stockholm 1992 (1hour55mins)---------------------------AMA(852mb,1VCD)
Toulouse 1992 (2hours3min)-----------------------------AMA(1.20G,2VCD)
Argentina 1993 (1hour46min)----------------------------AMA(1.04G,2VCD)
Chile 1993 (1hours11min)-------------------------------AMA(717mb,2VCD)
Lev Aviv 1993 (6min)-----------------------------------PRO(60mb,1VCD)

-HIStory World Tour-
Auckland 1996 (1hour53min)-----------------------------PRO(1.11G,2VCD)
Bucharest 1996 (2hour4min)-----------------------------PRO(1.22G,2VCD)
Prague Rehersals 1996(10min)---------------------------AMA(106mb,1VCD)
Seoul 1996 (2hours)------------------------------------PRO(1.13G,2VCD)
Tunisia 1996 (2hours10min)-----------------------------AMA(1.28G,2VCD)
Amsterdam 1997 (Long Version)1hours55min---------------AMA(812mb,1VCD)
Basel 1997 (1hours)------------------------------------AMA(528mb,1VCD)
Copenhagen 1997 (1hours49min)--------------------------PRO(1.06G,2VCD)
Copenhaghe Aug 29, 1997(1hours1min)--------------------AMA(474mb,1VCD)
Gothenburg 1997 (2hours19min)--------------------------PRO(1.35G,2VCD)
Helsinki 1997 (2hours11min)----------------------------PRO(1.27G,2VCD)
Hockenheim 1997 (1hours1min)---------------------------AMA(466mb,1VCD)
Kuala Lumpur 1997 (1hours26min)------------------------PRO(855mb,2VCD)
Milan 1997 (2hours6min)--------------------------------AMA(698mb,1VCD)
Munich 1997(2hour2min)---------------------------------PRO(1.34G,2VCD),&(1.18G,1VCD)
Ostende 1997-------------------------------------------AMA
Sydney 1997 (49min)------------------------------------PRO(629mb,3VCD)

-MSG Concert 2001-
MSG 2001 Long (2hours13min)----------------------------PRO(932mb,1VCD)
MSG 2001 Short (1hours27min)---------------------------PRO(333mb,1VCD)
MSG 2001 Amatuer(LeftView)1hour------------------------AMA(572mb,1VCD)

-Charity Concerts-
Korea 1999 (35min)-------------------------------------PRO(219mb,1VCD)
Munich 1999 (32min)------------------------------------PRO(312mb,1VCD)

*The Jacksons*
Destiny Tour London 1979 (50min)-----------------------PRO(856mb,1VCD)
Destiny Tour New Orleans 1980 (17min)------------------PRO(160mb,1VCD)
Triumph Tour Los Angeles 1981 (53min)------------------PRO(426mb,1VCD)
Victory Tour Dallas 1984 (1hours36min)-----------------PRO(958mb,2VCD)
Victory Tour Kansas City 1984 (51min)------------------PRO(497mb,1VCD)

Gary Indiana 1971 (16min)------------------------------PRO(158mb,1VCD)
Movin' Violation Mexico 1975 (1hour17min)--------------PRO(708mb,1VCD),&(430mb,1VCD)

*Janet Jackson*
Rhythm Nation World Tour Tokyo(2hours30min)------------PRO(1.46G,3VCD)
janet.World Tour Jones Beach NY (1hour29min)-----------AMA(858mb,1VCD)
janet.World Tour Rotterdam Holland Part 1 (53min)------AMA(525mb,1VCD)
The Velvet Rope World Tour Belgium (1hours48min)-------AMA(1.05G,4VCD)
The Velvet Rope World Tour Chicago (1hours51min)-------AMA(1.08G,4VCD)
The Velvet Rope World Tour New York(2hours)------------AMA(1.16G,4VCD)
The Velvet Rope World Tour New York MSG DVD Quality----PRO(6.00G,.vob)

+++++++++++ *Performances* +++++++++++

*Michael Jackson*
1970s If I Don't Love You This Way
1974 With A Childs Heart Soul Train
1979 Push Me Away American Bandstand
1980 Ease On Down The Road Diana Ross Show
1980 Rock With You Diana Ross Show
1990 You Were There
1992 Gone Too Soon Clinton Inauguration
1992 Heal The World Clinton Inauguration
1995 Dangerous Wetten Dass
1995 Earth Song Wetten Dass
1995 Remember the Time Soul Train Awards
1996 Earth Song British Awards
1996 Earth Song World Music Awards
1996 You Are Not Alone Soul Train Awards
1997 Elizabeth I Love You
2002 Dangerous American Bandstand 50th

*Janet Jackson*
1982 Come Give Your Love To Me American Bandstand
1982 Young Love American Bandstand
1982 Young Love Music Laden
1986 What Have You Done For Me Lately Solid Gold
1987 What Have You Done For Me Lately Grammy Awards
1989 Let's Wait Awhile Japan TV Night Hit Studio Deluxe
1989 Let's Wait Awhile Top Of The Pops
1993 Thats The Way Love Goes French TV Show M6
1993 That's The Way Love Goes If Medley MTV VMA
1993 Thats The Way Love Goes Top Of The Pops
1993 That's The Way Love Goes Wetten Dass
1994 Any Time Any Place Saturday Night Live LQ
1994 Whoops Now Wetten Dass
1997 Got 'Til It's Gone Oprah
1997 Got 'Til It's Gone Top Of The Pops
1997 Got 'Til It's Gone TVE Spain TV Show
1997 Together Again and Got 'Til It's Gone M6 France Hit Machine
1998 I Get Lonely Soul Train Awards
1998 I Get Lonely The Rosie O'Donnel Show
1998 Together Again American Music Awards
1998 Together Again Hey Hey Australia
1998 Together Again Noel En Fournuille
1998 Together Again Nur die Liebe Zahlt-Germany
1998 Together Again Raiuno Interview with Milly Carlucci
1998 Together Again Smash Hits Polls Party-Endland
1998 Together Again TVE Spain TV Show
1998 What About Vh1 Fashion Awards
2000 Doesn't Really Matter MTV VMA
2000 Doesn't Really Matter Top of the Pops
2001 All For You Rosie Show
2001 All For You TMF Awards
2001 All For You Top Of The Pops
2004 All Nite (Don't Stop) Canada AM
2004 All Nite (Don't Stop) Canada MMM Live
2004 All Nite and RnB Junkie BET Awards
2004 All Nite (Don't Stop) SNL
2004 All Nite (Don't Stop) TV Total
2004 I Want You Much On Demand
2004 I Want U Ryan Seacreast
2004 Just A Little While T4 DVD
2004 Just A Little While Top Of The Pops HQ

*The Jacksons*
1978 Destiny TOTP
1978 Things I Do For You Midnight Special
1978 Destiny Midnight Special
1979 Shake Your Body American Bandstand
1983 Motown 25

1968 I Got The Feelin Motown Auditions
1970 Hollywood Palace
1970 I Want You Back Ed Sullivan
1970 Walk On Love You Save
1971 Ill Be There Alright Diana Ross Show
1972 Aint Nothing Like The Rea lThing
1972 Goin Back New Thing
1972 Lookin' Through The Windows American Bandstand
1972 Got To Be Brand New Thing
1972 Lookin Through The Windows Paris
1973 Get It Together Bob Hope
1974 Dancing Machine Soul Train
1974 Too Late To Change The Time Mike Douglas Show

++++++++++ *Interviews* +++++++++++

*Michael Jackson*
Bad Company Molly Interview
Barbara Walters Interview
Dian Sawyer Interview 1995 W/ Lisa Marie Presley (USA Version)
Dian Sawyer Interview 1995 W/ Lisa Marie Presley (Overseas Version)
Ebony Jet Case Interview 1988
Living With Michael Jackson Martin Bashir Interview CBS
Mexico Deposition 1993
NTV Interview 1996
Oprah 1993 Interview
Simul Chat 1995
The Unauthorized Neverland Interview

*Janet Jackson*
BBC Friday Night Johnathon Ross Interview 2004
BET Planet Groove 1998
BET Testimony 2001
Conan O'Brien The Late Night Show 2004
Good Morning America 2004
Jay Leno The Tonight Show 2004
Oprah Show 1997 Interview
Oprah Show 2000 Interview W/ Eddie Murphy
Rosie O'Donnel Show Interview 2002
Ryan Seacrest Show 2004
The Ellen Show 2004
TV Total 2004
VH1 on One Interview 1998

+++++++++++ *TV Specials* +++++++++++++

*Michael Jackson*
Another Part Of Me BAD Tour MTV Special
Dangerous Diaries Dangerous Tour MTV Special
More Dangerous Than Ever MTV Special
Private Home Movies DVD
Where It Went MTV Special

*The Jacksons*
-The Jacksons TV Shows
Jacksons TV Show- Special Guest Ed McMahon
Jacksons TV Show- Special Guest Betty White
Jacksons TV Show- Special Guest Carole O'Connor
Jacksons TV Show- Special Guest Dom De'Luise
Jacksons TV Show- Special Guest Joey Bishop
Jacksons TV Show- Special Guest Linda Carter
Jacksons TV Show- Special Guest Mackenzie Phillips
Jacksons TV Show- Special Guest Redd Foxx
Jacksons TV Show- Special Guest Sunny Bono (Closure)
Jacksons TV Show- Special Guest Tim Conway
-The Jackson Family Honors

Goin' Back To Indiana ABC Special
Jackson 5ive Cartoon - Bongo, Baby, Bongo

*Janet Jackson*
106 & Park
MTV Rockumentary 1993
Soul Of MTV Tour Backstage
VH1 Janet Jackson Driven
Will & Grace - Back Up Dancer

+++++++++++ *Movies* +++++++++++

*Michael Jackson*
Captain EO
Man In The Mirror - The Michael Jackson Story
Moonwalker DVD (English)
Moonwalker DVD (Spanish)
The Wiz

*Janet Jackson*
Rhythm Nation 1819 Movie

+++++++++++ *Making Of's* +++++++++++

*Michael Jackson*
Making Of BAD Japan Tour
Making Of Beat It
Making Of Black Or White
Making Of Captain EO
Making Of Ghosts
Making Of Moonwalker
Making Of Scream
Making Of Stranger In Moscow
Making Of Thriller
Making Of We Are The World

*Janet Jackson*
Making Of Boyfriend, Girlfriend
Making Of Feel It Boy
Making Of You Want This

++++++++++++ *Commercials* ++++++++++++

*Michael Jackson*
LA Gear Street Commercial
Suzuki Commercial

*Janet Jackson*
1999 Ask For More Japanese

+++++++++++ *Music Videos* +++++++++++++

Updating This Section!!!

+++++++++++ *Misscellanious* +++++++++++
*The Jacksons*
Victory Tour Report 1984

*Janet Jackson*
Ask For More Behind The Scenes
Behind The Ropes
Janet Private Home Video Water Fight (You Want This Video Shoot)

_Audio Files_
+++++++++++ *Audio Concerts* ++++++++++++

*Michael Jackson*
-BAD World Tour
Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona, Spain (Rehersals)
Paris, France
Turin, Italy
Wembley London
Yokohama, Japan

-Dangerous World Tour
Bucharest, Romania
Leeds, United Kingdom
Mexico City, Mexico
Neverland, California (Rehersals)
Tokyo, Japan

-History World Tour
Amsterdam, Holland
Auckland, New Zealand
Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei
Copenhagen, Denmark
Hockenheim, Germany
London, England
Munich, Germany
Prague, Czech
Seoul, South Korea
Valladolid, Spain

*The Jacksons*
-Destiny Tour
Amsterdam 1979

-Victory Tour
Dallas, Texas

J5 Live In Japan 1973

*Janet Jackson*
-Rhythm Nation World Tour-
Tokyo, Japan

-janet World Tour
Sex Is Happiness
Throb in Minn

-TVR World Tour
Acoustic Sessions
New York City, New York

-All 4 U

+++++++++++ *Rare Songs* ++++++++++++

*Michael Jackson*
A Brand New Day
All I Do
Alright Now
Another Part Of Me (Extended Version)
Bad (Extended Version)
Baby Be Mine (Extended Version)
Be A Lion
Beat It (Extended Version)
Behind The Mask
Billie Jean (Extended Version)
Brand New Day
Butterflies (Remix)
Can't Get Out Of The Rain
Centipede Extended Version
Children's Holiday
Demo Billie Jean
Demo Billie Jean Studio
Demo Butterflies (Floetry)
Demo Carousel (Michael Sembello)
Demo Dangerous
Demo Dangerous Live
Demo Don't Stop Till You Get Enough
Demo Earth Song
Demo Give Into Me
Demo Goon Too Soon
Demo Groove Of Midnight
Demo In The Closet
Demo Keep The Faith
Demo Medley 1999 Live (Studio)
Demo Remember The Time
Demo State of Shock (Feat. Freddie Mercury)
Demo The Girl Is Mine
Demo There Must Be More To Life Than This (MJ)
Demo Wanna Be Startin Somethin
Demo Who Is It
Demo Workin' Day And Night
Disney Midley
Do The Bartman
Dont Let A Women Make A Fool
D.S. (Extended Version)
Ease On Down The Road
Eaten Alive
Eaten Alive (Extended Version)
Elizabeth I Love You
Fly Away
Fly Away (W/ Rebbie Jackson)
For All Time
Get It
Get It (Extended Version)
Get Out Of My Mind
Going Back To Alabama
Happy Birthday, Lisa
I Just Can't Stop Loving You (With Intro)
If You Dont Love Me
Im In Love Again
I Need You
I Never Heard
It's Not Worth It
Je Ne Veux Pas La Fin De Nous
Just Friends
Leave Me Alone (Extended Version)
Love Never Felt So Good
Mind Is The Magic
Money (Extended Version)
Monkey Business
Muscles (Extended Version)
Nitetime Lover
On The Line
People Of The World
Popa Was A Rolling Stone
P.Y.T. (Extended Version)
Quo Funk
Rock With You (Extended Version)
Save Me
Say Say Say
Serious Effect
She Drives Me Wild (Extended Version)
So Shy
Someone In The Dark (Opening)
Someone In The Dark (Closing)
Somebodys Watching Me
Somebody's Watching Me (Extended Version)
Someone Put Your Hand Out
Something Special
Space Dance
State Of Independence
Tell Me Im Not Dreamin
The Dude
The Man
There Must Be More To Life Than This - Freddie Mercury Feat. Michael Jackson
There Must Be More To Life Than This - Michael Jackson
The Way You You Make Me Feel (Extended Version)
This Had To Be
Thriller (Extended Version)
Todo Para Ti
Todo Mi Amor Eres Tu
To Satisfy You
Turn On The Action
We Are Here To Change The World
We Are Here To Change The World - Denice Williams
We Are The World
What More Can I Give
When I Grow Up
Who's Right, Who's Wrong
You Can't Win
You Can't Win 12" Extended Version
You're The One

*Janet Jackson*
(And She Said) Take Me Now
70s Love Groove
Accept Me
Ask For More
Could This Be Love
Don't Stand Another Chance W/ MJ
Feel It Boy
French Blue
Girlfriend, Boyfriend
Gods Stepchild
I Know The Truth
I'm Here
Love Song For Kids
Luv Me Luv Me
Making Love In The Rain
On and On
One More Chance
Otra Vez
Put Your Hands On
Rock N Roll
Start Anew
The Skin Game
Vuelve A Mi
Whats It Gonna Be
You Need Me

*The Jacksons*
Torture 12" Mix
Wait 12" Mix
Walk Right Now 12" Mix

I'll Be There (Unreleased Version)
You Haven't Done Nothing

+++++++++++ *Acapellas* +++++++++++

*Michael Jackson*
Another Part Of Me Acapella
Bad Acapella
Bad DVD Acapella (Intro & Outro)
Bad DVD Acapella
Beat It Acapella
Ben Acapella (Don't Trade For Anything!)
Billie Jean Acapella
Black Or White Acapella
Blood On The Dance Floor Acapella
Blood On The Dancefloor Refugee Camp Remix Acapella
Butterflies Acapella
Childhood Acapella
Dangerous Acapella
Dirty Diana Acapella (Don't Trade For Anything!)
Dont Stop Till You Get Enough Acapella
Earth Song Acapella
Goon Too Soon Acapella
Heal The World Acapella
History Acapella
In The Closet Acapella
In The Closet DVD Acapella
Jam Acapella
Jam Acapella 2
Jam DVD Acapella
Leave Me Alone Acapella
Mama Say Mama Sa Acapella
Remember The Time Acapella
Remember The Time DVD Acapella
Rock With You Acapella
Scream Acapella
Scream DVD Acapella
Smooth Criminal Acapella
Stranger In Moscow Acapella
Stranger In Moscow DVD Acapella
The Way You Make Me Feel Acapella
The Way You Make Me Feel Acapella
They Dont Care About Us Acapella
They Dont Care About Us DVD Acapella
Who Is It Acapella
Who Is It DVD Acapella
Who Is It Lite Acapella
Who Is It LP Acapella
Why You Wanna Trip On Me Acapella
Will You Be There Acapella
Will You Be There DVD Acapella
You Are Not Alone Acapella
You Rock My World Acapella
You Rock My World Acapella (Intro)

*Janet Jackson*
All For You (Drumapella)
All For You (Thunderpuss Drum-A-Pella Mix)
All For You (Tribe-A-Pella)
All Nite (Don't Stop) (So So Def Remix Acapella)
Alright (Acapella)
Any Time, Any Place (CJ's Macappella)
Because Of Love (DVD Acapella)
Come Back To Me (Abandoned Heart Mix Acapella)
Control (Acapella)
Diamonds (Beats Dubcapella)
Doesn't Really Matter (DVD Acapella)
Doesn't Really Matter (Rhythmic Acapella Mix)
Doesn't Really Matter (Vocal Acapella)
Every Time Acapella
Every Time (DVD Symphonic Version)
Feel It Boy (Acapella Sample)
Girlfriend Boyfriend (A Capella House)
Girlfriend Boyfriend (Acapella)
Girlfriend Boyfriend (Clean Acapella)
Girlfriend Boyfriend (Dirty Acapella)
Girlfriend Boyfriend (House Acapella)
Go Deep (DVD Acapella)
Go Deep (Masters at Work Flutapella Remix)
Go Deep (Remix Acapella)
Got 'Til It's Gone (DVD Acapella)
I Get Lonely (DVD Acapella)
I Want You (DVD Acapella)
If (ACapella)
If (DVD Acapella)
If (DVD Acapella - Full Guitar
Just A Little While (Acapella)
Just A Little While (Mauice Percapella)
Love Will Never Do (Without You)
Love Will Never Do (Without You) (car29 Mixapella)
Miss You Much (Acapella)
Nasty (Acapella)
Rhythm Nation (Rhythm Mix Acapella)
Scream (Acapella)
Scream (Dens54 Drumapella Mix)
Scream (DVD Acapella)
Scream (Pretty-Pella)
Someone To Call My Lover (Radio Acapella)
Someone To Call My Lover (So So Def Acapella)
Son of a Gun (Tribeapella)
That's The Way Love Goes (CJ's Macapella)
The Best Things In Life Are Free (Macapella)
The Pleasure Principle (Acapella)
Together Again (DVD Acapella)
What Have You Done For Me Lately (Acapella)
What's It Gonna Be (Acapella)
What's It Gonna Be (Dirty Acapella)
When I Think of You (Dub Acapella)
When I Think of You (Extra Beats Dub Acapella)
You Want This (DVD Acapella)

I'll Be There Acapella
I Want You Back
The Love You Save Acapella

--------- *Miscellanous* ----------

*Michael Jackson*
Denver Court Case
ET Storybook
Ghost Movie Audio
Moonwalker Movie Audio


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Can someone tell me how to Upload files? So I can try to upload some stuff. I have been a member for a while, but never posted, just read other ppls postings.


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Okay I am going to try to do a test upload with (Baby BAD Video, Excellent Quality) Give me a few minutes


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Aw its okay ... how big someones collection is doesn't say how real of a fan they are.. it's the love for the artist :) . I hope that link to the Baby BAD Music Video works...


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I put everything on blank DVD's, I dont burn them into dvds I use blank dvd as storage instead of making a movie, a blank dvd hold like normally 4.7 G's compared to a blank cd 700 once I burn the stuff to a dvd, i label the case and they are all in my room in a big box, that list is just some of my stuff not all. I haven't updated in a while, took a long time to make it, Right now I am starting another thread where I am gonna upload somemore downloads, I like to share media with other fans, its fun to share the excitement together :D


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I have a card board box, that i sit all the cases in, and I can identify what is on each case by the labels on the front of them.


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hmm what don't I have hmm well I could use some more of Jackson 5 concerts, I love J5 speaking of which, I am uploading a performance from a J5 concert Moving Violation 1975 when MJ performs Music and Me, that is my favorite song, hope that yall who don't have it like it, it will be posted as soon as it finishes uploading, What other files should I post any suggestions, something from BAD, Dangerous, or History tours? I say BAD :D


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This is all so generous. I do know a certain member on this forum that's been waiting for me to send her the bad tour, yokohama.

Just something to keep in mind when you decide to upload, lol.


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Hi, I'm Neicie. Nice to meet ya. That is a big collection you have there. You'll always have something to watch when there's nothing on TV lol :D.


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Okay Victory Tour Kansas City Human Nature, Bad Tour Kansas City Rock With You, or Charity Concert Korea 1999 You Are Not Alone?