Nancy Grace aka Tweety Bird - Court TV\'s Dimmest (June 21 04) -


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Nancy Grace aka Tweety Bird - Court TV's Dimmest
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Nancy Grace or Tweety Bird, Tweety Bird or Nancy Grace, Nancy Grace and Tweety Bird, it's hard to determine who is who. Both chirp endlessly and say just about nothing.

Our First Idiot Of The Week

It was a tough choice. There were so many to choose from. The first Idiot of The Week was more like the idiot of the past year. Who was the one person through their comments, actions, activities, and everyday job was truly our first Idiot of The Week? Who was the most obnoxious individual that usually spoke to hear themselves talk? Which person consistently sounded like a complete moron every time they opened their mouth? Who had a point of view that was always based on what would get them the most attention or ratings with no regard for the affect or consequences it would have on the person's life they were commenting on?

Was It Really That Hard?

What seemed that it might have been a tough choice was actually easy to decide. Nancy Grace provided us with all the qualifications, and then some, as the first and only choice for Idiot Of The Week. Nancy Grace is the poster child of what the Idiot of The Week means to us. Nancy Grace is without a doubt the first and best choice for Idiot of The Week.

In Nancy Grace's mind everyone is guilty until proven innocent. Even when Nancy is wrong, she refuses to admit it. Why you ask? It's easy, she is an idiot. Recently she went on national television and claimed she knew for a fact a certain person was guilty of a child abduction and possible murder. Later when it was proven that this person was innocent (not to mention that he died in jail) she never even offered an apology to the deceased or his family for all the hurtful and unfounded comments and observations that she had made. When confronted directly on the Larry King show if she shouldn't offer an apology for her unfounded remarks, she stated something to the effect of why should she. This, in part, is why Nancy Grace had to be our choice for Idiot of The Week.

All you have to do is listen to her talk or read one of her articles. Then you'll know we made the right choice. Why people like Larry King allow Nancy on their show is beyond us. But then he lets her host the show? I'm sorry, but we stopped watching Larry King whenever Nancy Grace appears. If you need to watch something news worthy when Larry King has Nancy Grace on? Change the channel from CNN to MSNBC and catch the Abrams Report with Dan Abrams.

Nancy Grace - Tweety The Feathers Fly

Idiot Of The Week had recently obtained exclusive access to the official line up card that doesn't exist, along with information involving a line up with Nancy Grace that didn't take place at an undisclosed location. It appears the problem was the witnesses were disoriented and confused by the twin like similarities of all the participants. As you’ll notice when reviewing the line up card, it’s next to impossible for even the most well trained eye to distinguish between the suspects the witnesses were asked to choose from. One witness was reported to have said on the way out "Why, why, why, I’m so confused, why?" as she was lead away crying. To demonstrate this we are providing you with the exclusive first look at the line up card.

Tweety To Sue Grace?

In a totally separate and unrelated matter it is rumored that representatives of Tweety Bird intend to file a several dollar law suit against Nancy Grace. It is reported that when asked why they were filling only a several dollar law suit against Ms. Grace? They replied, its not about the money, it’s about Ms. Grace out there looking like our client, Tweety Bird, and giving all birds a bad name through her ignorance and lack of intelligence.

Tweety's attorney further stated, look at the way she does her hair, look at the cheeks, and look at the walk. Have you ever seen her in a restaurant? She always orders the chicken feed. They further went on to state that they intend to prove the term "Bird Brain" originated after Ms. Grace was born, and that no bird has a lower IQ then Ms. Grace.

We’ll be staying on top of this to provide you with any new developments if there is a trial or settlement reached in this matter. However, representatives of Tweety Bird contend they want Ms. Grace on the stand to expose her for the turkey she is.

Closing Argument

We wonder how Ms. Grace likes being ripped apart for the loser we perceive her to be. Unable to defend herself and not that she could. She seems to find an angle to find everyone guilty before they even have had the opportunity to receive a fair trial. We believe her only motives in doing this are for ratings and attention. No ratings or attention should be gained at the expense of someone's constitutional right to a fair trial. It appears that this is something Ms. Grace feels no one is entitled if it cost her ratings. As Ms. Grace has a policy of never being wrong. We will not apologize to Ms. Grace for rightfully calling her a loser. Until she changes, she will always be an Idiot of Every Week.

Ms. Grace is a "Disgrace" to the legal and media professions she claims to represent. The sooner Ms. Grace disappears from the public eye the better. Watch The Practice. At least the opinions expressed there are honest and you might have a chance to learn something beyond what a big mouth sounds like voicing her ignorant opinions at everyone else's expense just to hear herself talk.


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lol, Felicia.

I also followed the link and did their poll. Ms. Tweety. Her ineptitude is so funny/sad.


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Damn I didn't know she looked that much like Tweety!!! :laugh Honestly... Tweety looks better!! :laugh

The funny thing is that I call her...Nasty Face because it sounds like Nancy Grace!! She does have a nasty face though!!! :crackingu