New Jackson Documentary: Katherine Jackson & His Kids Remember the King


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By Carlos Greer
12/20/2013 at 06:30 PM EST

Michael Jackson's family is trying to release a new documentary about the late singer, and they want his fans to get in on the action.

The late singer's mother, Katherine, has penned a letter to his fans on requesting their financial support to help reach a $3.2 million goal to complete the nearly finished documentary Remembering Michael.

She described the film as a "tribute documentary film project that Michael's children Paris, Prince, Blanket and I have been working on for years," she wrote. "Our goal with this film is to share a positive, loving and respectful tribute to Michael, who spent his entire life sharing his gifts with the great hope of making the world a better place."

Michael's three children are seen discussing their father's legacy in several clips from the film. Michael's father, Joseph, describes the youngest, Blanket, as the next heir to Michael's pop throne.

"Nobody has beaten his music and I don't think anybody ever will because that's like immortal music right there," says Prince.

An emotional Paris, who is due to return home this week from a Utah school for teens where she has continued to receive treatment after a suicide attempt earlier this year, remembers her father's vow to teach her his signature dance moves.

"He promised me he would teach me how to moonwalk ... never got around to it," she says. "I really hope that his legacy lives on forever, and I know it will. I will definitely never forget him, ever. He was amazing."

A family source tells PEOPLE the Jacksons are not seeking contributions because they're strapped for cash. According to recent reports, Michael's estate had music-based revenues of $544 million in 2012, with the estate's earnings at $121 million. Estate sources suggest the full earnings total is closer to $160 million, which would leave $39 million in merchandising, film and TV licensing, DVD sales, and other licensing deals.

"[They want] to make it exciting for Michael's fans and to allow them to participate in the project," says the source, who notes this is Katherine and the kids' project exclusively.

"I'm inviting all of Michael's fans to join me, Prince, Paris and Blanket to finish this wonderful project," says Katherine at the end of the preview.

The family plans to vacation together over the holidays in Hawaii.



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...for real tho, Joe need to sit his ass down somewhere. Maybe Blanket wants to be a doctor... or a producer... or an entrepreneur.