O2 Arena Concerts see you there? what do you want him to sing?


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I live in New Zealand, am 24 and my best friend and I have been desperate to go, fly international, everything.
I had been online on ticketmaster since it opened at 7am. during presales.

I had a chance and i slipped over the time limit to accept the tickets and it bounced me even though I wasn't over the time limit.

I had been trying for 3 hours after that and everything was selling out, and i'd been crying unsure what to do.

Then almost 3 hours after, I got them!
I have got my tickets as of 3.20am NZ time.:michaeljacksonicon:
03 september!

Ive never been to a concert ever and I said that a mjj one would be my first.
Mikey's music saved my life in the past and I get to see my guardian angel in real life!!!!!!!!!

My seats are way up in the rafters though *sadface* but its up the top and near the stage, I just hope i can still see him ok and that he wont be the size of an ant.

I was hoping to get a feb ticket as hes preforming on my birthday, (8th)
but during the general sales on the ticketmaster website,
it just said processing....for me just trying to see the ticket date LIST...

I was very upset as I was there when it opened. I had hoped to get better seats, but no luck whatsoever.

Songs I would love to hear at the concert

Man in the mirror
Break of Dawn
Tabloid junkie
One more chance
Who is it
Is it scary
The way you make me feel
Circus girl
Billie Jean/Smooth criminal
2000 watts
All the lost children
You are my life

I would love to see these sung live.


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The media and some of the public are questioning Michael's health, wondering if he can last 10 concerts. I don't question that as I'm sure Michael can, but the only worry I have is if Michael lip-syncs, as he did on almost every song on the History Tour.

Because these concerts appear to be Michael being paid by AEG and not him doing these concerts as an independent artist as he did in the 1980's and 90's. And the fact Michael had to under go a health check by AEG, makes me think he will sing live. But you never know, but as I have sing Michael sing live on the Bad and Dangerous Tour (one or two songs were lip-synced but Michael had throat problems on that tour) and him lip-sync on the History Tour. I know for a fact, when Michael sings live it gives his concerts an extra magicial edge, because it connects him to his audience more.

The song I want Michael to sing most is Don't Stop Till You Get Enough. It's my favorite song and I've never seen him sing it live except for DVD footage I have of him from 1979 and 81 (very short clips from 1981). I would like Michael to sing Billie Jean earlier in his concerts, as his vocals on it when sang live aren't as strong as they should be (well that's my opinion). I'd also like Michael to sing Bad and Unbeakable. Also Jam, Dirty Diana, Another Part of Me, Working Day and Night, Off The Wall, Beat It well almost everything. I think he should not play the same set list every night, but as tickets are so hard to come by and the average fan at present only has 1 ticket it won't make any difference if he plays the same songs every night.


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danaluvsmj;209738 said:
I really hope that he does both new and old songs. No matter what songs he does, I'm sure it will be a great show:D

If Michael releases a new single and album when before he starts his O2 concerts, I'm pretty sure Michael would perform new songs. All of Michael's tours have pretty much been greatest hits tours anyway.

Michael has always mixed old and new songs in his concerts quite brilliantly anyway. Take Another Part Of Me, that wasn't even a Top 10 hit in the UK on it's release yet it got a great reception on the the tour. Smooth Criminal was even released as single when Michael performed it in the UK on the Bad Tour and it got an amazing reaction. Plus Jam the opening number on the Dangerous Tour only reached around No14 in the UK charts and that also got an amazing reaction in tour in the UK.