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he amazes us everytime but I am worried ... i feel sick to my stomach when I hear that no african - american will be jurors in this case :(


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OMG these pictures are stunning, he looks absolutely amazing at these shots!!!!


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Look at those affirmations... What do you think about all this?

Jackson's Twelve Jurors Sworn In
In what seemed like record time, juror selection in the
Michael Jackson case was complete. With each side limited to
ten minutes of questioning by Judge Rodney Melville, what was
expected to take weeks took only days.
The twelve jurors were sworn in on Wednesday morning the
selection of alternates to continue today.
There are eight women and four men who range in age from 20 to
79 years old. Four are Hispanic, one Asian, and seven are
white. There are no African Americans on the jury.
The jurors are referred to by numbers as their names are kept
confidential. But a brief description of each is revealed
through questioning by the prosecutors and defense attorneys.
Juror 1 said he "avoids Geraldo (Rivera)" when watching news.
He said he tries to overlook differences in people's
lifestyles. The retired painter, who owns a home in Santa
Maria, said of child witnesses: "You have to look at each
individual case and make a judgment. You can't generalize."
Juror 2 does bronze casting, clay molds and is interested in
Western art. He watches sports and coverage of the Iraq war
and reads the local newspaper classified sections for garage
sales. "I don't put celebrities on a pedestal," he said. "I
would look at (Mr. Jackson) as just another person who needs a
fair trial."
Juror 3 has been training horses and teaching riders for 31
years. Her first impression of Mr. Jackson in the courtroom:
"He's a very small man with big energy."
Juror 4 teaches high school math and likes art galleries,
"although there's not too many in Lompoc."
Like most of the jurors, she said she's critical of the media.
"(High-profile) cases are covered too much. Everyone's an
expert. . . . In order to get a fair trial, opinions shouldn't
be put out like that."
Juror 5 is the oldest at 79. She watches only the last part of
the "NBC Nightly News" while waiting for "Jeopardy!" to start:
"I'm a 'Jeopardy!' freak, not a news freak. I'm an old-movie
buff, and I like things that make me happy."
Her grandchildren emulate Mr. Jackson's dance moves, and she
said, "I heard more about him in Russia than I do here."
She said a young relative had been arrested on a misdemeanor
sex offense and was in therapy. "It really opened my eyes. . .
. It ended up being a positive thing. It will actually make me
more fair."
Juror 6, a physical therapy aide who works in a nursing home,
plans to enroll in an licensed vocational nursing program in
the fall. The 22-year-old said Mr. Jackson's music was "long
before her time."
She said she hopes Mr. Jackson "finds a fair jury" despite all
the press coverage.
Juror 7, a 42-year-old special education aide, said her four
kids don't leave her time for hobbies and that she "believes
in making her own decisions about things."
Juror 8 has a relative who is retired from the New York City
Police Department. Even though her husband is a reporter, she
said she's skeptical about the media. "I would like to think
the media wouldn't affect jury decisions. But it might affect
other people watching it."
On child witnesses, she said, "I think children do lie. . . .
But on the other hand it's easier to get things out of a child
than an adult."
Juror 9 said her hobby is cooking. She said she never followed
Mr. Jackson's career but grew up with his music: "I think he's
a wonderful entertainer."
Juror 10 is the youngest juror at 20. He said he hasn't been
paying attention to the news recently. But he normally watches
it on Fox and KCOY and is a fan of "The Simpsons" TV show. In
high school, he liked crafts, drawing and ceramics. When asked
if he could keep an open mind, he said, "Definitely."
Juror 11, a 21-year-old who uses a wheelchair, wants to be a
motor sports journalist. He visited Mr. Jackson's Neverland
Valley Ranch in the sixth grade with the United Cerebral Palsy
Group. He said the media coverage "is way too much for
something like this."
Juror 12 has a close friend who is an officer with the San
Luis Obispo Police Department and another who works in
probation. She's a supervisor with the Santa Barbara County
Department of Social Services and likes museums and theater.
She would be "cautious" with child testimony and said she
thinks "the justice system prevails, despite the media."

Source: Santa Barbara News Press/MJJForum

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