Official June 1 2005 Thread


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Originally posted by Frenchy
I thought the defense rested because the video was not even worth their time...?
After the persecution played the video at the end, "the courtroom lights came back on. The silver-haired lawyer, Jackson’s lead attorney Tom Mesereau, stood up, said his three words, and sat down. A defense source had told me Mesereau had studied the tape and “wasn’t worried about it,” convinced, the source said, that the jury already had an indelible picture of the boy and his family as grifters out to skin any available mark, especially celebrities, with the boy’s sickness as their currency of persuasion."
Mez would never had let that go had he thought the video might have the slightest effect on the jury. I am starting to feel very good about this... Mez is a brilliant attorney, he would not miss any opportunity to kill any important argument from the persecution. I think that the fact that he didn't do anything says a lot.


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I really love this pic!


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Originally posted by NevaehDreamz
The UK is really shitty to Michael. Really shitty.

Yeah Amanda, I can't believe that. As if they asked the jury and the told them for certain they will charge him with that. Please.

If Michael is charged with that then the most he'll do is community service...which will mean basically that MJ will have to help out his community in some way, and pay a fine.

Both no problem for Michael. I just don't want him penalized for anything...I don't care how small the penality is. He didn't do anything.
thankyou so much girl for straightening that out for me, i feel much better now. I was at work and that came on the news and i was like woahh wtf!


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Originally posted by Frenchy

Mez would never had let that go had he thought the video might have the slightest effect on the jury.
That's it right there! If that tape was so damaging, Mez would have done something about it. If he simply stood up & said "we rest" then the tape obviously wasn't anything climatic!


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Originally posted by MystiqueX2004
Highly doubt that Mesereau would do anything less than spectacular. Michael is not paying him good money for a half-ass job...This is Michael's life at stake, and the world is watching. This is Mesereau's time to shine, and to make a bigger name for himself...I doubt that Mesereau would take this lightly, especially when he is handed a case with questionable individuals as the Arvisos...

I said it a couple of days ago. He is NOT going to sit around and cross his fingers. Mez is going to do everything within his power to do a bang up job come closing arguement time.


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lol @ 'him/her'. We don't know @ this point, do we? :laugh

For the record, I was actually able to read thru this whole thread without popping a vein in frustration. Thanks guys! :thumbsup

Frenchy, KittyCA, HOTMJ, sistalamb.,'ve been great w/your posts/updates. Thanks for the pics too.

I'll be around much more hopefully!


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IF Geragos was still counsel and doing closing, I would be scared shitless, he did such a half ass job with Scott Peterson, he just gave up.

I wish I was inside the courtroom with Mes, it's going to be an education for pre law students like myself


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I have an update....sorta.

Ramone was on(TV) and said Micheal Jackson was very up-set when he left court.
He was very up-set to hear the charges again and instuctions..


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I bet Michael is upset! I don't blame him, this is bullshit! Why would they add another charge?

It doesn't take an attorney to figure that out Christine.

The prosecution knows that they will not get a conviction with the original charges so they had 1 of the alcholol charges changed so that the jury can convict him of that one charge and find him not guilty of the rest of them.

The prosecution at this point is hoping to get him convicted of anything and it's obviously desprate.

F**king assh**es!!!!! They'll burn in hell when Michael is aquitted of every one of those charges.