Official May 23 2005 Thread

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Diane Dimond and Savannah of court TV have been turned in for breaking the Judge's order. Santa Maria and Santa Barbara Sheriff's department are involved.

Sanctions or worse can be expected for these people. THese people were TEXT messaging during court proceedings. IF it can be proven. They used the blackberry devices to do this.

Well, it's about damn time. They're finally getting what they deserve. :thumbsup


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Damn!!!!!!!!! This shit is crazy! They're just exposing this family all over the place.

Seems like there's a LOT to expose!!!!!!!!!!!

WTH was Sneddon THINKIN' when he filed changes against Michael, based on this stupid fandamnly??

What was he SMOKIN' ??? :sick:

WHY doesn't the prosecution just THROW IN THE TOWEL? SEND UP A WHITE FLAG ...or somethin' ????!!!!!

:sneddoncr Sneddumb Snookered!


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Vicky: I second that, dude.

Mike looks so gorgeous. But I can't help but notice his eyes look a bit sad.. ;.; I don't blame him, poor sweetie...
thats what i meant earlier about his eyes speaking 1000 words.... he looks sad.


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That vest is the shit! Can I get a bra made from that material? :wink
LMAO :lol: