Pre-trial Transctipts

Do you have the court transcripts from where this comes from? I think it's from a pre-trial hearing.

TOM MESEREAU: When did you meet Michael?

JANET ARVIZO: August 2000.

MESEREAU: According to this official statement, sworn declaration that you gave to the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s department and district attorney, you retained an attorney and investigator in January 2000 for the sole purpose of finding out information about Michael Jackson and settling with him. You discussed a settlement concerning Michael Jackson before you even knew him?


PROSECUTORS: Objection! Irrelevant.




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Do you have the court transcripts from where this comes from? I think it's from a pre-trial hearing.



I am looking for this also. If I find it as a legal document I will post it here. If you should do so would you please posted it here as well?

Dialdancer said:

I am looking for this also. If I find it as a legal document I will post it here. If you should do so would you please posted it here as well?


I will.

Here is something you might find useful. T-Mez cross-examined Janet Arvizo about hiring attorneys to sue MJ before she met him.

Janet Arvizo’s Cross Examination on April 15th, 2005:
Q. All right. Now, do you remember signing a

11 document prepared by the sheriff’s department that

12 said the following: “From time to time, between

13 January 1st, 2000, and the present date, I consulted

14 one or more of those lawyers concerning Michael

15 Jackson’s interaction with me and my children at

16 Neverland Ranch in Santa Barbara County and

17 elsewhere, in this and other states, and concerning

18 the return of some furniture stored by or in the

19 name of Brad Miller at Dino’s Storage in North

20 Hollywood, Los Angeles County.”

21 Do you remember signing a document that had

22 those words?

23 A. Do you want me to have the document, like —

24 we’ve had this discussion over since August.

25 MR. MESEREAU: Object, Your Honor.

26 THE WITNESS: Since August, the same

27 thing —

28 THE COURT: Just a moment. I want you to 6500

1 answer the question. The question is, do you

2 remember signing that document?

3 THE WITNESS: Yes. Yes.

4 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: And the document said that

5 you had started investigating Michael Jackson

6 sometime between January 1st, 2000, and the date you

7 signed the document, which is December 18th, 2003,

8 right?

9 A. Yes. If that’s – those words are on there.

10 Q. Why would you start investigating Michael

11 Jackson around January 1st, 2000, if you didn’t meet

12 him till August 2000?

13 A. Okay. Let me explain something to you. And

14 this has already been discussed, and he knows the

15 answers. This was discussed at the end of

16 September.

17 MR. ZONEN: I’m going to object to this part

18 of the answer as nonresponsive.

19 THE COURT: Sustained.

20 THE WITNESS: This – when the sheriffs were

21 doing their investigation, they wanted to know every

22 single detail about me. George Owen Feldman is – I

23 think he’s associated in the same law firm of

24 Rothstein.

25 So the – the police department did an

26 extensive, extensive search on me as a person, and

27 so they want – they put everything in a general

28 form so they can have access to everything about me 6501

1 and my past, because they wanted to verify and make

2 sure that what they were going to do towards this

3 goliath was going to be accurate and truthful. And

4 that’s why this – this paper was made in such a

5 general way.

6 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: Are you now telling the

7 jury that George Owen Feldman did represent you?

8 A. No, he didn’t represent me.

9 Q. At any time?

10 A. No, he didn’t represent me. He is one of

11 the people inside the civil law firm. But my

12 understanding – my understanding was that it was

13 only the Rothstein – Rothstein and another attorney

14 named Adler, another attorney named Ramieri. That

15 was my understanding, and it still is today.

16 Q. Let me try and ask the question again -

17 okay? — in a clearer form, because perhaps I was not

18 clear. And I apologize if I wasn’t.

19 You signed a document that said from time to

20 time between January 1st, 2000, and the date you

21 signed the document, you were investigating Michael

22 Jackson through various lawyers, correct?

23 A. Okay. There’s more information on that

24 paperwork which he purposely has taken out of

25 context. It’s – certain events are attached to

26 specific attorneys. Certain situations are attached

27 to certain attorneys.

28 Like I said, the police wanted to do an 6502

1 extensive, thorough investigation on me prior to

2 doing it on him. So they wanted everything about

3 me. So they made it in a general form. But he

4 keeps taking it out of context.

5 MR. MESEREAU: I don’t want to offend the

6 Court, Your Honor. I don’t think I actually got an

7 answer to that, but I will leave it to the Court’s

8 discretion.

9 THE COURT: Ask your next question.

10 MR. MESEREAU: Yes, Your Honor.

11 Q. You did sign this document, correct?

12 A. Yes, I did.

13 MR. MESEREAU: I would move it into

14 evidence, Your Honor.

15 THE COURT: It’s admitted.
And here is a link to the court transcripts:


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Thank you for the links ^^^

I'm spending time meticulously researching every nook and cranny to do with the trial and periods between 2002-2003 pre Martin Bashir.

I'm sure I'll find this helpful, and the Vindicating Michael blog on Wordpress I found very enlightning and opened my eyes to many things I didnt even bother thinking about. Good blog to get hooked into from people who know what they're talking about