PYT and Dangerous Rehearsals.


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forgive me if this has already been discussed, i must have missed it :D

Yesterday i watched the TWYMMF rehearsal performance for the Dangerous Tours and at the end you notice MJ starts to sing to himself. Then, someone in the background goes:

"Whats that"

and he goes:

"Something i wrote that i havent recorded".

so now, with that 1.75 second timbit of song in my head driving me crazy, i finally realized that it sounds remarkably similar to the Version of PYT on the BoxSet. Has anyone else noticed this? Or do they only sound the same in my head?

and if he hadnt recorded it in 1992 then the boxset version must not be a demo... but its grouped up with all the thriller and ex-thriller stuff.. so i thought it was.

For those who haven’t seen or heard:

Entire TWYMMF rehearsal
Audio link of just ending

PYT Link from SonyMusic


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I'd download it, but it said it'd take four hours. I'm not happy with that.

Sorry I can't help! :) Myabe someone with broadband can :laugh


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I thought that when i first got the the pyt demo clip like last month, but Then i listened to the lyrics and they aren't the same, and Michael says "Something I wrote that I haven't recorded" so they aren't the same cause PYT demo was recorded before 1982. and the song mj was singing in the 92 rehersals he hadnt recorded yet. But they do sound similar cause he sings them both in falsetto. but other than that the rhythms and lyrics are different
PYT Demo: I was asleep and tired/ she come inside a pre madonna
Rehersals: I will not go/ at dawn stay with me/ I will not leave in time oooo


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the lyrics are different but we only heard a small peice of PYT. and when he said he hadnt recorded it he may have meant that it was released or it wasnt on any album. I am surreeee they are the same.. they sound rythmically identical to me.


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that IS 'pyt' but... you can hear on pyt that its from the thriller era.

the pyt lyrics go someting like:

''i was alone, in the dawn, she woke me, she was (something) a bit tired"

and thats also what MJ sings in the rehearsals.



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that IS 'pyt' but... you can hear on pyt that its from the thriller era.
so it was recorded back in thriller? so when he said it wasnt recorded, he just meant it wasnt released on any album?

do u mean i was right!!!?!?! :tooexcite


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yeah, that must be it. cus his voice sounds different from dangerous era and thriller era. and the voice in 'pyt' is definitely thriller era.

so yes, you were right. :D
if you want i could send you the song... ?

minnie michael

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aww..that's interesting, i havenot watched PYT dangerous live rehearsals and i am downing right now but its seem need forever to download it..xiix

and Mike always has a lot of surprises for us sometimes i donot understand what's meaning of thing is ture: he has written countless of songs.. nobody know how many songs he has written... maybe 329863428643 songs..i guess... :D

he is magic.. :bleh: