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Good Morning America:

- Inner circle says he has been feeling sick for two weeks
- Defense wanted to try to get a delay some time ago because of Michael's condition
- Michael was the one that insisted they NOT DELAY the trial ( :D )
- Michael was moved to 4th floor to a non-emergency room
- Randy was the first of the family to arrive - causing comotion among press
- Michael is being fed antibiotics and fluids through IV
- Otherwise, they say he is healthy and expected to be released soon
There was supposed to be an update on Michael's current condition at 1pm EST according to FOX. Has anyone previewed this footage, if so, could you please tell us what it contained and what was discussed.

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time is GMT + 8 hours
Posted: 17 February 2005 0245 hrs

Jackson to spend at least one more day in hospital: family source

SANTA MARIA, California : Ailing pop star Michael Jackson is recovering from his flu, but is expected to spend at least one more day in hospital, a source close to the family said.

"He's still in hopsital," Michael Jackson fan club president and family spokeswoman Angel Howansky told AFP a day after Jackson was rushed to a hospital emergency room near the court where he is on trial for child molestation.

"I understand he will stay (in hospital) today and for a couple of days. He's doing better he's being rehydrated. It's definitely a flu, he's been sick for like a week, but he's better now," she said.

Jackson's parents, Joe and Katherine Jackson, are on their way to the Marian Medical Center in the California town of Santa Maria to see their famous son, she said.

Doctors at the hospital said Monday that Jackson, 46, was being trated for a "flu-like illness with some vomiting."

"His release from hospital will be when he is stable and well enough to go home," said Chuck Merrill, an emergency physician at the hospital.

Jackson is on trial in Santa Maria for allegedly molesting a 13-year-old boy at his nearby Neverland Ranch in early 2003. He has denied the charges.

Jury selection was suspended in his trial after Jackson was rushed to hospital Monday after becoming violently ill on his way to court. - AFP


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aww how sweet, he waved from his bed! They have to keep him another day though? I hope Michael will take better care of himself, this trial is really damaging his health.


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>> GMA: Dana Cole + Rpt. Feb 16 2005
Version: .wmv
Submitted Date: 2005/2/16
Air date: Feb 16 2005

Rpt. from outside hospital

Dana Cole talks briefly about "case"
-says the judge talked to the ER physician and obtained the verification he needed
-says the fact is people understood that people get sick
-says the flu is going around
-says a few of the jurors from the jury pool actually called in sick so it was an understandable situation

minnie michael

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thanks Whisper i have already found those pics u posted at MJJF..and yes..that flu is going around..that's those jury people made Michael feel sick..that's all of their fault.. :extremely they better check out their body and be sure they are healthy before they enter that tidy courtroom.. in case make MIchael get flu...those people.. :yuk :screaming


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I am sooooo relieved now that Michael is doing well, you know, ever since I heard the news that he went to the hospital, I've been really worried, and not being able to concentrate on some of my school work. I had TERRIBLE headaches just thinking about it. Plus, it was hard for me to have a good time with my friends just thinking that Michael wasn't feeling well. Now, that I've been updated with good news I can sleep at night... geez, just to think what is going to happen to me once Michael has passed away... I DON'T EVEN WANT TO THINK ABOUT THAT because I know that it is FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR from now.... Gosh... I wuv him! He's my baby! :D (If you hang out w/ me and my friends, I'm known for calling him 'my baby', it's a habit that my friend got me into once she called her boyfriend pookie all the time :lol: )
TTYL! KEEP UPDATING!!! :thumbsup I really appreciate all the good news!!! :D :thumbsup And if you can, recent pictures would REALLY be nice, I just love to see him, he is so georgous! :tooexcite
;.; OMG! I'm so happy he's ok, he's gonna be all KNOW he's doing well when he can wave from his hospital bed!! :D

... fed intravenous antibiotics n stuff?.... gah. I don't like doctors pumping my babe full of drugs. *whine*
I've just recieved an e-mail from MJJSource regarding the current development on Michael's condition


Mr. Michael Jackson has been discharged from the Marian Medical Center in Santa Maria, California to continue his recovery at home. Mr. Michael Jackson would like to thank the doctors and staff at the Marian Medical Center for the care they extended to him.

Source : MJJsource



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*dances* yay! my baby is ok! im so happy! thank god he only had the flu. i was so worried sick about him. God must really be looking out for Michael big time. :)


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Yay he's finally home! I'm sure he's happy to be home with his kids. Now he just needs to take it easy and get some rest.