Reporter, TV show dismissed as defendants in lawsuit (May 4 1997)


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For the record, neither she nor her reporting as vindicated in any way. They gave up the source of the story. That's why the judge let them off the hook. The source, however (Victor G) LOST the suit and had to pay Michael over $2Million. Instead of paying up, he fled the country. - Admin

Reporter, TV show dismissed as defendants in lawsuit
Las Vegas Review - Journal. Las Vegas, Nevada
May 4, 1997 . pg. 4.B

LOS ANGELES - A Superior Court judge has dismissed the bulk of a slander lawsuit filed by pop singer Michael Jackson against the "Hard Copy" magazine show and one of its reporters.

Jackson filed a $100 million slander lawsuit in January 1995 against reporter Diane Dimond, and "Hard Copy" parent Paramount pictures.

Dimond has since left the show.

"I'm thrilled, it's a great weight off my shoulders," Dimond said Saturday.

The singer had also filed suit against radio station KABC-AM and several of its employees, as well as free-lance writer Victor Gutierrez.

The lawsuit stems from allegations that Gutierrez told Dimond there was a videotape of Jackson having sexual relations with a 13-year-old boy, and that she repeated the comments on KABC talk radio's "Ken and Barkley Show."

All defendants but Gutierrez filed for summary judgment, and Judge Reginald Dunn released the dismissal Friday.

Gutierrez has refused to reveal the source of the tape, and Dunn found the writer liable to Jackson for damages for failing to support the claim of the tape's existence.

The judge ruled in 1996 that Gutierrez' information was false, although the writer's attorneys insist the source was legitimate.

Dimond said she was confident she would prevail.

"Everybody is always quick to criticize tabloid reporting ... but I have a standard of reporting and I think that this vindicates me."

She simply reported information that authorities were searching for the tape.

"Everybody knew that the cops were out looking for this tape," Dimond said.

Attorneys and representatives for Jackson did not immediately return phone calls Saturday.

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