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You live your life in a rut
Never changing, never adjusting
Why is it always me
That has to constantly change my life.

A problem arises, I have to adjust
A disagreement, I’m in the wrong
You’re killing the person I am
Making me snide, mean but needy.

Why can’t you make a little change?
Sacrifice something
Before you sacrifice me.

Yehhh is a little crap. But hey.


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Not crappy at all. :) I see a growth in your expression... in letting the darkness out, unrestrained. Continue doing this... it's wonderful



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privacy said:
Wellll.. it's not very.. 'poemy' lol but thank you all the same :) x

I wrote what I thought was a piece of prose once and my mate called it 'poetry'... so it's subjective I guess. :)