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Sid (シド) was founded in 2003 by vocalist Mao (ex-Shula, born in Fukuoka, Japan) and bassist and back-up vocalist Aki (ex-Ram Rem, born in Tokyo). They were quickly joined by two support members, guitarist and back=up vocalist Shinji (ex-Uranus, born in Saitama, Japan) and drummer Yuuya (ex-Shula, born in Chiba, Japan). The four of them released the band's first offering, "Yoshigai gaku 17 sai" (mushyoku), on mini-disc that August and soon after, they signed with Danger Crue Records.

Though Sid technically began in 2003, the band considers January 14, 2004 the date of their 'birth' as it was announced at their show at the Meguro Rock May Kan that Shinji and Yuuya would be joining as official members. With their line-up now complete, they released their first single "Kaijou-Ban" in March before traveling overseas for a two-day performance at the American convention Anime Central in May. The young band made quite an impact, gaining a number of international fans, and they have since expressed their desire to return to America once more.

On of their singles, titled "2ºC me no kanojo" (2℃目ã


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I decided to cut my hair  Because the position at your side  Has been vacated
But fretted over whether I should paint my lips red  For I don't know you

With what little ability I have and all my might  I try to speak of my pining for you
On a cleared dawn  Ceaseless  Thoughts  Shall see daybreak

To a sinful you, I offer this  The reason I was born
I only pray for this  Shapeless prose  To please, please convey well
I decided it has to be today particularly because  The sky  Is so blue

My trembling legs  Quietly obstruct me  When your voice lilts
The time has come  What's left after that is to  Step  Beyond the door

I should be the one, more than any of  The many who have served you in bygone days
If you'd deign to keep me at your side, with some relief  I'll always keep  My appearance  The way you fancy

To a sinful you, I offer this  The reason I was born
I only pray for this  Shapeless prose  To please, please convey well

I should be the one, more than any of  The many who have served you in bygone days
If you'd deign to keep me at your side, with some relief  I'll always keep  My appearance  The way you fancy.

Namida no Ondo (Temperature of Tears)

Apparently, this song is about Mao's friend getting raped, or the both of them having gotten raped in the past. So saaad... :uhuh



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Dazzled by you, I gulped down and drained carbonated peach
A night only for two, a kiss after a light shower of rain; my heart soars
The infrared ray tying us to the next stage is surely, surely the red thread of destiny
Things such as the long phone conversations we have right after breaking up - what's with that?

"The ill-naturedness of a love based on appearances is second only to summer colds
Didn't the disastrous case before this already teach you enough of a lesson?"
Evading my friend's kindness, I'm fretting so much I can't sleep
Preparations to be dyed in your colours have
been made, but still

I can't tell you to honestly entwine and squeeze our joined hands
Damp with perspiration, my right hand waits in vain
"It's summer! We embolden lovers"  Bought for its jacket design, it filled the gap
I hope you'll like me

You're the type who speaks calmly of your ex-girlfriend  I'm a bothered by it
Even my evasive "heh~" stops at the level of a supporting actress  As my eyes  Start swimming away

The first time you invited me out for a meal, your 'thank you' in reply to my birthday well-
And your 'sorry' after we fight too; now isn't the time to look at these locked items again
If I could convey all of this liking for you, things would surely flow smoothly
Even if I'm worn out from fruitless efforts, I still want to meet you

To the casual observer, I was watching the fireworks display the whole time
When I looked up, I could see your beautiful profile
The girl who had hoped for a single-summer love no longer exists
It's good to have you at my side

Please honestly entwine and squeeze our joined hands
If it's the present, I think I can look you in the
eyes and say that
"It's summer! We embolden lovers"  Throwing it into the dustbin
I wonder if I can become someone you like

More ill-natured than even summer colds.

~ "Natsukoi" is a coined term, not a real word, but rather two words combined, 'summer' (natsu) and 'love'. Thus, this is 'Summer Love' basically. <3










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Discography- Studio Albums

1. Renai (12/22/2004)


Track Listing

3.Watashi wa Ame
4.Virtual Bansankai
6.Doyoubi ni onna
7.Hitsuyouaku Shafoo
8.Mousou Nikki
9.Owakare no uta
10.Kara no binsen, sora e no tegami enta

2. Hoshi no Miyako (11/16/2005)


Track Listing

1. Ringo Ame
2. Alibi
3. Sono Daisho
4. Caramel
5. -unplugged ver.- Aikagi - unplugged ver. -
6. Hoshi no Miyako
7. Yell
8. Sweet?
9. Izon no Niwa
10. Toge to Neko
11. Binetsu

3. Play (11/8/2006)


Track Listing

1. Yogoreta Yubi
2. Room
3. chapter 1
4. Shiroi BLOUSE Kawaii Hito (White blouse cute person... I'll translate the titles later as I can)
8. Wana
10. Otegami
11. park
12. live

4. Sentimental Macchiato (2/20/2008)


Track Listing

1. Shougen
2. Natsukoi
3. Migite no Spoon to hatsukoi to Knife
4. Mitsuyubi ~mitsuyubi~
5. Yuuwaku Collection
6. and boyfriend
7. orion
8. Mascara
9. smile
10. Dear Tokyo
11. Namida no Ondo

5. Side B complete collection: e.B (8/13/2008)


Track Listing

1. Re Dreamer
2. Boku, Dinner
3. dummy
4. Aoi Renga
5. life
6. Hanabira
7. Propose
8. Chiisana Shiawase
9. Keirei Bowie
10. Memai

6. Hikari (7/1/2009)


Track Listing

1. Rakuen
2. Mousou Nikki 2
3. Uso
4. Circus
5. Nakidashita Onna to Kyomukan
6. Monochrome no Kiss
7. Tsumiki Kuzushi
8. 2ºC Me no Kanojo
9. Capsule
10. Drama
11. Hikari

7. Dead Stock #4 (2/23/2011)


Track Listing

1. NO LDK [Stands for Living Dining Kitchen]
2. Shelter
3. cosmetic
4. Ii Hito
5. Ranbu no Melody (ALBUM MIX)
6. Rain
7. dog run
8. one way
9. Nigatsu / February
10. Wife
11. sleep
12. Sympathy

Compilation Album

1. Luna Sea Memorial Cover Album


(Track 11: "Wish)




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Monochrome no Kiss

(OP theme for the anime Black Butler!)

Monochrome no Kiss

There's no color in our encounter; the monochromy blows through it
I shall entrust each of my pains to you

The unforgiving autumn, which forcefully traces my scars, comes
While your cool fingers still beckon me

After I'd melted, you tenderly save
The troublesome, icy me and and toy around with me with a kiss

Nevertheless, I search for a single form of love
Your dried eyes tied it to the present from a time far beyond
If I can, I want to end while shrouded this like
Together, we concealed our pale selves; the moon is hiding, too

How many nights did I come to love since then?
In the sea of dependence, I forget to even breathe

Even with your captivation, you only leave behind a tepid warmth
In the art of knowing when to quit, I dislike your conceited kisses

Don't leave me alone, perceive and color me already
What words will slip out of your room?
Being confused, falling asleep- Will you tell me about things beyond those?
Only the moon is looking at the sighs lost in the questions of smiles

When the next long needle points to the ceiling
You won't be around anymore; I won't need you anymore

Nevertheless, I definitely searched for a form of love
Your teary eyes tied it to the present from a time far beyond
If I can, I want to end while shrouded this like
Your wish and the night bring morning along in vain

Paint it with a tender, passionate, yet cowardly kiss

The moon illuminates our final night.