Snatching the lies from their clenched jaws. The Allegations.


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Helena of Vindicate Michael has just put together something more to debunk the 93 allegation.

We all knew JC did not see MJ. He would have found an uncircumcised member so much more different from his own as he was Jewish born. I know when I first saw one then later the other, I had to ask what was up.

We know there were no operations to "cover up" because Michael's skin would not have healed without scarring noticeable to the observers and court appointed physician present at the time. None because it would have been recorded in autopsy(s).  And because there was no need to do so.

"Another incredible fact is that all of it is revolving around 1993 again. For decades they were telling us fictional stories about Michael’s preoccupation in those very months – and now we see that all he was really preoccupied with was his poor scalp and the metal things they put into his skin to stretch it, and that he was in tremendous, totally inhuman pain and had to be given drugs for a mere survival, and that his buttocks were indeed riddled with injections as a result of it and that liar never noticed them because he never saw his body in the first place"

JC told of a "spot", its location and coloration.  Sneddon went along with JC, then had to contradict  AFTER seeing photos. (In 2011 when asked about this Dimond says JC was just confused...uh huh)

But no where in the filed complaint (which is one of the most filthiest pieces of writing I've had the misfortune to read) or any Dimond story does it talk of these markings.  None of the made up victims nor the hired help who helped themselves to MJ property then tried to help themselves to his bank account for Sneddon and now for......????

Be interesting to see what WR had his attorney put down in his complaint, BEFORE he changes his story AGAIN?  Before he files another 50 law suits?