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I found this at It's quite interesting. There's a few things I didn't know:


-The videou Thriller set a line between before and after the making of music videos and it was the first one to become a music "shortfilm". Over 20 years later, it's still cosidered the best music video of all time.

-During the shooting of the video, Michael was a Jehova's Witness. Since then, there's a statement at the begining of it that states that the video doesn't mean Michael beleives in the occult. This was the same reason why he didn't sing Thriller during the Victory Tour in 1984.

-The special FX in Thriller during Dangerous and HIStory tours where designed by illusionist David Copperfield. (no wonder!)


-When Billie Jean was No. 1 in the charts, Michael insisted in immediatelly releasing Beat It. Epic thought it was crazy, but it turned out that the success of one single "infected" the other and Beat It received an even better response.

-Some of the dancers in the video where actual gang members from LA who where hired, others where actors such as Michael De Lorenzo (Eddie Torres in "New York Undercover") and Michael Peters, the choreographer.


-Billie Jean was #1, 7weeks in a row in the Billboard charts, and stayed at the top 100 for 30 weeks.

-In the video, Michael walks over tiles that light up whenever he steps on them. Even though it looks as if they have lights underneath, the truth is they where normal tiles and the "lights" was actually paint. The video was edited to look as if they were real lights.

-Since the song was released, there have been several women who have gone to Michael's house claiming to be the "real" Billie Jean.

-Billie Jean was the first video by an african american artist that was broadcasted on MTV. Before that, MTV refused to promote the work of artists that where not white. (stupid racists!)

-Michael did the Moonwalk for the first time while singing Billie Jean in Motown's 25th Aniversary show. It was because of this performance that Thriller became the biggest selling album of all time. Over 20 years later, it still is.

-Billie Jean was the only song that didn't belong to Motown during the show.

-Michael cried after performing Billie Jean during Motown's 25th Aniversary show 'cause after doing the moonwalk he couldn't stand on his toes as long as he wanted.


-Michael wrote Bad thinking of it as a duet with Prince, but Prince refused the offer. (thank God!)

-The album cover of Bad was chosen by chance. It was done during the filming of the video and it was not supposed be part of the promotion of the album. The original album cover was to be a close-up of Michael in the dark, behind a black veil.

-The first professional role for actor Wesley Snipes was in the Bad video.


-The girl in the video, Tatiana Thumbzen, fell in love with Michael. During a live show in New York Michael kissed her in the lips and it was a promising couple, but Michael's managers where very upset about the kiss and they never saw each other again. (I don't know where this info was taken from, so you should beleive it 100%)

-Tatiana was very shy and was nervous while filming the video. When both her and Michael go inside a car through one door and out the other, she got caught and couldn't get out. Michael thought it was a good moment to "break the ice" so he pushed her out by putting his hands on her thighs. Since then, both knew there was something special between them. (I don't know where this info was taken from, so you should beleive it 100%)

-During several years, the song had a different ending. Since it was remastered in 1995 for the HIStory album the original voice was added, which was not included in the original album.

-In one of the 30th Aniversay shows done in NY in 2001, Michael sang this song with Britney Spears.

-In the video, Michael has a white tie around his waist as a belt. This was a small tribute to his idol, Fred Astaire.

-His sister LaToya has a small role in the video.


-During the recording of the song, Siedah Garrett was very nervous and when it was her turn to sing Michael would throw popcorn at her face to make her laugh.

-The song was also recorded in Spanish, French and Italian. Only the Spanish version was released.

-Michael's spoken words at the beginning of the song where recorded with a personal hand recorder while he was on his bed before going to sleep. These words can only be found in the vinyl editions of the album. It's very hard to find them in a CD version.


-In the video, "Diana" can only be seen from her hips down. There were hundreds of girls who went for the casting, Michael saw the first girl and said she was exactly what he was looking for and was hired right there. The other girls where told the casting was over. (I love how Michael goes "straight to bussines, no wasting time" :D )

-During the British lenght of the tour, Michael had a brief, very formal encounter with a woman who would later become one of his closest friends: Princess Diana. Michael told her that he would not sing Dirty Diana out of respect to Her Majesty. She was very surprised and told him that it was her favorite song and coulnd wait to hear it live.

-Even though there have been rumors that the song was dedicated to Diana Ross, the truth is that there are no arguments to support this. Little after, Michael said he had chosen the name "Diana" 'cause it sounded good with the rest of the lyrics, no other reason. (This just shows how people loooove to make up stories just for the heck of it)

-The picture in the single cover was done during the filming of the video Bad.


-The original idea for the video was to have an Old West theme, not a 30's Ganster era.

-Smooth Criminal has an extra verse in the video that isn't in any album version. It can be heard when Michael goes up the stairs and comes up to a woman who steals his money.


-This song was dedicated to Diana Ross.

-In the video, during the dancing, there's very brief shot where Michael and the other dancers throw themselves on the floor. This was really an impersonator, not Michael.

-The kiss between Michael and Iman is one of the worst on screen kisses ever. It is unknown why they barely touch they're lips.

-In real life, Iman who plays the queen is singer David Bowie's wife.


-It was the first time the word "f*cking" was ever heard in a Michael song. During some time, US authorities thought about labeling with a Parental Advisory label for explicit language, which would have negatively affected the sales, but it was finally decided it wasn't necesary. In another song (This Time Around) Michael says "sh*t".

-The video broke the record, that Black Or White had broken earlier, as the most expensive music video in history: 7 million USD. (Thriller was 1 mill)

-The sunglases the Michael wore on the video during the "urn scene" where bid by late 2004 at over 120,000 euros. (anybody remembers the "urns thread"??? :icrackingup )

-Even though Michael has long hair during some of the scenes of the video, the truth is they where hair extensions. His hair was really short and curly. (which is a shame 'cause I think he looks HOT!!!! :mf_w00t2: )

-In one of the scenes, there are some round objects that vibrate and jump. These are really expensive, use batteries and even thought it can't be heard in the video, they have a really fun but anoying song.

-In the US, the video was censored: the word "f*cking" can't be heard and the middle finger shown by Janet is blurred.

-During the premier of the song in a Spanish show, some fans thought it was a joke because of the sounds at the beggining.


-Theres a scene in the video where Michael is lying on the floor face up with only a blanket over his "private parts". His genitals could be vaguely seen so the image had to be edited to disguise it. :8-26-03baby:

-There's two versions for the video; you can see this in the second version. :smilie_magicstick2


-This short film is the longest music video ever, over 40 minutes long.

-The video is filled with talent, with the collaboration of Stephen King (script), Stan Wilson (director), actors such as Def Moss, Edwina Moore and some of the best dancers in the world.

Hope this give some of ya'll more "Michael Facts" :D