Stevie Wonder and Friends (12th Annual House Full of Toys Benefit Concert)


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Hello all!!!! How's it going?

Well, I just wanted to post some info on the Stevie Wonder thing:

December 15th, 2007
7:00 pm
NOKIA Theatre (
777 Chick Hearn Court
Los Angeles, CA

Price: $45.00 - $115.00

If you can, go and check it out. I hear it's a really cool show, it's for charity and I'm gonna be singing in a choir so you MUST go :icrackingup
Seriously though, some of you might already know, but for those of yall who don't, the students from Hollywood Pop Academy and Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA will be performing "We Are The World" and "A Time To Love". And since it's "Stevie Wonder AND FRIENDS", who knows, maybe Mike decides to go take a look (last I heard he was in LA at the moment) :p

Anyway, I just thought I'd tell you.

Hope you can make it.



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:D :D :D :D :D :D :D

The event happened yesterday and it was UN-BE-LIE-VA-BLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We got the at about 3pm, we where waiting for a while at a VIP lounge B) then they sent us to rehearse on stage with the band and I was :hypno I've never been in such a huge stage. Well, they let us practice for like 10 minutes then sent us back :p
They treated us really well, there was water and sodas and they kept bringing more whenever we ran out and at about 5pm they brought us sandwiches and cookies and chips and fruit.
So, the thing started at about 8pm and we where the 3rd act to perform. We got up there and did We Are The World and got a standing ovation when we where done :D

After that we went back to the lounge and waited. But there were TVs so we could watch the whole thing. And right after us, John Mayer got on stage!!!!!! he sang Waiting on the World to Change and Very Supersticious (with Stevie). The Stevie sang for a while alone, then John Legend got up there and sang Ordinary People with him. The Stevie sang again, and at about 12 we where up. We sng a Time To Love, but instead of the soloist singin, Stevie sang!!!!! So now we can say we sang with Stevie Wonder :mf_w00t2: Then he said goodbye to the audience while we where singing the last part of the song. The funny thing was that the moment he left the stage, the audience started leaving and we weren't done yet!!! :eek:hnoyoudidnt But some people did stay until we were finished.

After that they took us back to the lounge but then out of it to another room were they were gonna give us dinner, but dinner never came. BUT that was ok, 'cause I got to meet Chris Tucker!!!!! He was just hanging out in the hallway and I said hi he said "Hi, you guys were great" and he gave me his autograph :8-26-03baby:

So it was a great night. We had somuch fun and it was an awesome experience.

I really hope they show it on TV so I can tape it and upload it for ya'll



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You are sooo lucky, wacky sis. Singing with Steve Wonder... Meeting Chris Tucker... Aah, I would give a lot to be in your shoes that night. :8-26-03respect: I bet Michael was hiding in disguise somewhere there too, LOL.


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:eek: Wacky Sis, you lucky ducky! I'm so envious!!! How I'd love to rub shoulders with Chris Tucker!! :D And Stevie Wonder..........the man's simply amazing--love him!!!

Sounds like you had a great time..........fantastic!!! :thumbsup