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In the past six months there have been some major moving and shaking in Corporate America that did not make the headlines. In many cases unless you either worked for, was a client of or belong to a social network group that followed these organizations you did not know what was up until the ink had dried.

1) The News reporting playing field is getting smaller as of this month. Rupert Murdoch who owned 31 % of BSkyB has been cleared to buy the other 61%.
In case you are math challenged that is 100% of the UK's. (how many American news agencies talking about Rupert's own NY Times in a round about way)

BSkyB is British Sky Broadcasting Group (a.k.a. BSkyB; trading as Sky) is a public satellite broadcasting company operating in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It is the largest pay-TV broadcaster in the United Kingdom[sup][2][/sup] with over 10 million subscribers

2) Comcast buy controlling interest in NBC.

3) DC to offer Internet gambling, becomes first in US

But they cannot come up with a "reasonable" budget cut that does not involve taking away from the elderly, ill and education.
But we don't know this, because we are too busy being fed the life and times of Lohan and others who would be better off without Media interference.

Distraction, disinformation, misinformation, no information.