The Day Runescape Stood Still


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Chapter One

----April 24th 2024, 8:37 pm Gilbert Arizona----

“Jasmine Rae! What I have I told you about leaving your dolls in the walkway? Someone’s bound to trip over them.” A woman scolded her oldest daughter. The little girl looked up from her homework to look at her mother.

“Sorry mom,” The girl said, turning back to her homework. The woman picked up her daughter’s toys and proceeded to put them upstairs in her daughter’s room. While up there, the woman checked on her son who was sleeping heavily in his crib. The woman then headed back downstairs to her daughter who was still working on her homework.

“Are you almost done with her with your homework sweetie?” The woman asked looking at her daughter.

“Yes mom…wait, what’s 7 times 9?” the little girl asked her mother.

“63” The mother replied.

“Okay, I’m done, can you check it for me mom?”

“Sure honey.” The mother said picking up the piece of paper her daughter was working so fervently on just moment before. Her eyes scanned over the piece of paper then she handed it back to her daughter and kissed the top of her forehead.

“Good Job honey! Would you like some cookies and milk?” The little girls eyes lit up with excitement.

“Yes Mom! Then do I need to get ready for bed?”

“Yes honey, then its time for bed.” The mother said walking into the kitchen and getting her daughter’s bedtime snack ready she then set a plate of two cookies and a half-glass of milk in front of her daughter. She the sat down.

“Mm…you make the best cookies mom. I hope I can cook like you one day.”

“Oh you will honey, you grandma Yvonne taught me and your great grandma taught her. It’s my duty to teach you how to cook, but I’ll have to wait to do that till you can stand over a stove.” The mother said getting up from the table and walking into the kitchen.

“Mom, when will daddy be home?”

“Daddy will be home after you go to bed sweetheart. Now finish your snack , it getting past your bedtime.” The mother said, cleaning up her kitchen somewhat. The little girl finished her snack and wished her mother a goodnight, then headed upstairs to her bedroom. She put her pajamas on, went into the bathroom and brushed her teeth then crawled into bed. Her mother came up moments later, and tucked the little girl into bed and prayed with her before giving her a kiss on the forehead. She turned off the light and went back downstairs and finished cleaning the rest of the kitchen and did the last little bit of dishes before heading out into the office. She sat down in front of the computer and turned the computer on. She opened Internet Explorer and typed in runescape’s website. In the log in page she typed in cmh 05 then typed in her password. She noticed that she had an email in her inbox. It read:

Dear Adventurers,

This is Jonas from the Jagex team just telling you that we are choosing five pay-to-play member like you to test a new version of Runescape! If you would like to be in the drawing, click here. There are a total of five 30 question tests you must pass with 90% to even have your name in the drawing. On May 1st we will draw five names and those five people will be our beta testers. There is one entry per username. So what are you waiting for? Click the Link to get started.

Jonas, Jagex Staff.

The woman clicked the link which directed her to a quiz page on the site. She scored 100% on the first four quizzes and 90% on the last quiz. Another page popped up and asked her for her information which she reluctantly typed in. She clicked the submit button and hoped for the best. She then went back to runescape’s homepage and clicked Play as Member button and she waited for the game to load. Once loaded she began to play. She was in the abyss, attacking abyssal monsters in hopes that they would drop the very sought after abyssal whips. Unbeknownst to her, a man was sneaking up behind her. The man was dress in a business suit and had brown hair. He startled the woman by putting his hands on her shoulders.

“Oh My God!” The woman said startled, turning around to see who it was. The man started laughing.

“Jason,” The woman said, letting out a breath. “Don’t do that to me, I hate it when you do that babe.” The woman said turning back to her game.

“You’re playing Runescape again? You’re husband comes home from a very long day at work hoping his wife will greet him with a hug and a kiss and I find my…beautiful…voluptuous…sexy…wife on the computer playing Runescape…” Jason says kissing his wife’s cheek and continuing his kisses down the side of her face to her neck where my begins sucking. The woman, begins biting her lip, as she loses concentration on the game, her attention being averted to her husband. She logs out of the game and turns to her husband and kisses him fully on the lips before pulling away from him.

“So how was work?…Jason what are you…” Jason pulled away from his wife and went over to his bag and pulled out a bottle of champagne.

“Crystal, my beautiful, sexy wife, why don’t you get the strawberries out of the fridge. I am in a very romantic mood.”

“Okay.” Crystal said nearly sprinting to the kitchen to grab the strawberries and champagne glasses. Meanwhile, Jason stripped down to his underwear and walked out of the bedroom to his wife and picked her up bridal style.

“Jason!!!” Crystal laughed as Jason carried into the bedroom, shutting the door behind them.

----April 25th 2024 London UK. 2:37 am----

A man storms into his bachelor pad, looking very upset. He’s talking on his cell phone.

“You know what Claudia, I’m done! I’m tired of the shit, I have needs too you know! I’m not your bloody errand boy…”

“I don’t care! You a lying two-faced slut…yeah well go f**k yourself!” The man said hanging up on his now ex-girlfriend.

“Bitch!” The man yelled. He threw his cell phone on the counter where it started to vibrate and ring. The man looked at the number and turned off his phone. The walked into the living room and sat down in front of his laptop. He turned the laptop on and waited for it to boot up, meanwhile another woman cam storming into the apartment.

“Chad, Chad…where the hell are…oh…” The woman seeing her friend on the couch in his living room.

“What do you want Katie?” Chad said, with a hint of bitterness as he typed in his computer’s password.

“I came by to see how you were holding up?”

“I’m all right. I’m just about ready to give up on the female sex. That’s all.” Chad says opening up the internet explorer and going to Runescape’s website.

“I thought I would at least be a friend and see how you were doing after taking the slap heard around the world. I can’t believe Claudia fucking did that. She’s such a fucking c**t.”

“Yeah she’s nothing to me anymore. She never wanted me, she just wanted an errand boy…”

“What did you do to piss her off…”

“I just tried to kiss her. I figured she at least owed that to me since we’ve been together for six months. Instead she fucking tells me to get away from her and slaps me. Needless to say, she’s nothing to me anymore.”

“I am so sorry Chad, she never used to be like that. Ever since she joined that sorority she’s turned out to be a huge bitch. She’s not the same person I met freshmen year.” Katie said, plopping down beside Chad on the couch.

“Well I’m through with her, I can’t take her bitching anymore.” Chad said logging into his Runescape account 2good4u17. Katie looked at his computer screen, familiar with the game he was beginning to play. There was a note in his inbox so he checked it out.

Dear Adventurers,

This is Jonas from the Jagex team just telling you that we are choosing five pay-to-play member like you to test a new version of Runescape! If you would like to be in the drawing, click here. There are a total of five 30 question tests you must pass with 90% to even have your name in the drawing. On May 1st we will draw five names and those five people will be our beta testers. There is one entry per username. So what are you waiting for? Click the Link to get started.

Jonas, Jagex Staff.

Chad took the quizzes, scoring 95% on the first one, 93% on the next two and 95% on the last one.

“What was that about?” Katie asked.

“Just a quiz for members, something about a contest or something.”

“Oh fun, I wish I was a member…so what level are you now?”

“108, you?”

“I just got to level 47.”

“Noob…” Chad mumbled under his breath as he began looking around the wilderness for his next vulnerable victim.

“What do you mean noob! I could kick your ass at archery.”

“Doubt it.”

“Archers always defeat mages, isn’t that what you are?”

“I’m not a pure. You could defeat a pure but I’m not a pure. I’d still kick your ass with my melee. Two hits and you’d be dead.” Chad said as he saw a vulnerable level 79 making his way out into level 28 wilderness, probably to go mine runite ore. Chad took his chance and attacked the little fledgling a skull appearing over his character’s head. The level 79 whose name was mage3nic fought back with his dragon scimitar.

“Oh come on let the guy go, he didn’t bother you did he?” Katie said hitting Chad’s arm.

“Nope, but I don’t care. I’m pissed and I want to take it out on the people on this game.” Chad said unleashing his icy blast on the poor victim, taking 23 hit points off.

“Holy shit.”

“That’s nothing. When you work up your archery, you’ll be able to hit 50s.”


“Oh yeah, you’ll have to be like 99 ranged though…”

“I’m already half way there, that’s interesting…” The mage3nic started to run out of the wilderness. Chad had to act fast so he cast one more spell and sure enough mage3nic keeled over and died leaving a dragon scimitar and 20K of coins and 26 runite ore.

“Nice.” Chad said picking up all the items. Chad then headed back to Edgeville to bank his items and then headed back out into level 40 wilderness. He spotted a female dressed in all melee attire. Chad smiled, he could take her on. The username was cmh 05. He dealt the first blow that took 25 hit points off.

Cmh 05: You’re gonna regret that.

Suddenly he realized that what he did was a mistake, because she switched into mage attire and dealt 36 hit points of damage to him. He cast another spell but she had put mage protection on so it did no damage to her. However she cast another spell on him and it took off a whopping 41 hit points off. With only 8 hit points left, he took off toward Edgeville again. Cmh 05 cast one last spell taking Chad’s remaining hit points.

Cmh 05: I warned you.

Chad’s character was teleported to the infamous Lumbridge Castle.


“I can’t believe that a level 138 just beat you…oh wait yes I can.”

“Sh!t, I lost most of my sh!t! Damn it!” Chad said slamming his computer shut.

----April 26th 7:32am Bozeman, Montana----

A young girl enters her school and walks straight to the computer lab. She takes a seat at a computer and turns it on. Meanwhile a guy sits down beside her and looks at her.

“Hey Stephanie, did you get your Algebra assignment done?” The guy asked looking at her.

“Of course…” Then she shot an accusatory look at him. “You are not copying off of me….”

“Ah come on Stephie its just a couple of problems…you know I don’t understand the Python Theory. That shit is over my head.”

“It’s Pythagorean Theorem and you can find someone else to cheat off of.” Stephanie said logging into her Runescape account.

“Fine…what level are you on now?”

“63, my mage rocks man. That was a brilliant idea for me to be a mage pure.”

“You’re level 63? Already? Didn’t you start playing Friday?”


“How’d you level up so fast and get your Algebra homework done?”

“I have two study halls to get homework done…hm…what’s this?” Stephanie said looking in her inbox.

“What’s what? Huh? You’re a member too? Who’s paying that for you?”

“My mom, she said I could have a year subscription because my report card was outstanding…” Stephanie bragged.

“I am soooo jealous…”

“Check this out. Dear Adventurers, This is Jonas from the Jagex team just telling you that we are choosing five pay-to-play member like you to test a new version of Runescape! If you would like to be in the drawing, click here. There are a total of five 30 question tests you must pass with 90% to even have your name in the drawing. On May 1st we will draw five names and those five people will be our beta testers. There is one entry per username. So what are you waiting for? Click the Link to get started. Sincerely, Jonas, Jagex Staff.” Stephanie read out loud. Then she turned to her guy friend. “Should I do it Cody?” Cody shrugged.

“Why not, what do you have to lose.” Cody said.

----April 27th 2:15pm Fargo, North Dakota----

“Hey Matt, you got five bucks I could borrow?” A shaggy co-worker of a man named Matt asked. Matt gave a look of astonishment.

“Didn’t I just loan you twenty yesterday dude? No man, I would, but I gotta conserve my money. I got family too ya know?”

“All right man, I understand. Isn’t time for your break? You better go before the boss gets back…” Matt checked his watch and cursed under his breath. He waved his co-worker and walked toward the backroom where the break room and lockers were. He opened his locker and took out his laptop case. He placed it on a table, then he clock out for his 30 minute break. Most people used the only 30 minute break to smoke, run errands…but Matt used it to play his beloved Runescape.

Being 22 he wasn’t too old the average age now was 25, but his wife and two kids had no idea that it was his favorite past time. He opened his laptop and once it booted, he opened the internet explorer and began to log into Runescape. Once in he began making prayer and anti poison ++ potions. He made so much money doing this he made about three million gold pennies a day. He was suddenly brought back to reality by a feminine hand on his shoulder.

“You’re break is about up Matt.” Matt heard the unmistakable squeaky voice of his boss. Matt logged out of Runescape, but not before checking his inbox. After reading the message, he used his remaining time to take the quizzes and submit his name in the drawing. Satisfied with the result he logged out of Runescape and shut his computer down. He put it back in his locker and locked it, then he clocked back in and headed back to work.

----April 27th 5:35pm Peoria, Illinois----

A teen girl was sitting in front of her computer in her room. Her black fingernails tapping the glass desk that her computer desk sat on. She let out a sigh as she moved her hand from the desk to her wireless mouse. She reads the message in her inbox and continues to take the quizzes.

“Pyper! Dinner’s ready!” A female voice from downstairs says.

“Okay mom, I’ll be there in a minute, let me just finish up.” The girl says, clicking on the next quiz. She passes the quizzes with 90% then shuts her computer down. She goes downstairs and enters the kitchen.

“Hello darling, how was school?” Pyper’s father asks, looking up from his newspaper.

“It sucked, as usual.”

“Pyper, you know I don’t like that word…”

“Which one? Sucked or usual…” Pyper said smartly, taking a carrot stick from the dish and chomping on it.

“You know what I mean…”

“Honey chew with your mouth closed.” Pyper’s mom said. Pyper rolled her eyes and began to chew with her mouth closed. Her mother brought in the food and they all sat down and ate, the dinner meal consisting of light conversation. The Runescape contest was constantly running through Pyper’s mind. She decided it would be best if she kept the contest a secret from her parents until she knew for sure that she had won.

----May 1st 7:39 am Chad’s Apartment---

It was the day the results of the contest would be posted up on the front page. They were posted up at 12:01 that morning. When he opened the homepage, there in the Runescape journal was a new update stating The winners of the drawing is…. He clicked it. Inside he read:

Dear Adventurers,

It’s been a week since we released information to the members of a drawing. Well the results are in, and only five of you made the cut out of over 1,000 users who passed all four tests with over 90%. The users who will be leaving May 5th for our headquarters in Los Angeles are kmikzi2019, cmh 05, 2good4u17, NDPker21, and MTmind2021. Thank you for all the submissions and we’re looking forward to meeting these five users.

Thanks again,

Jagex Staff

Chad shot up out of his seat and gave a shout. He read over it again and saw that the level 138 that had beat him a few nights ago had made it too.

“Ooh, when I meet her I’ll make sure to rattle her chains…fcuking bitch.” He mumbled under his breath. She cost him over two years of hard gaming in just five short seconds. He took a deep breath and thought about what traveling to the States would be like. He checked his inbox and saw that he had a message in his inbox. He clicked on it. It brought him to the message which read:

Dear 2good4u17,

Congratulations! You have been randomly selected from over a thousand entries to come to Los Angeles to test out a new Beta version of Runescape! Your tickets to Los Angeles has already been reserved. You and one person of your choosing will leave at 7.28 am on May 4th from London International Airport, you will arrive in Los Angeles that night and you will stay at the Four Seasons Hotel. One of our team members will meet you at the airport with all the information you will need. Hope you enjoy your flight and your accommodations. We look forward to meeting you!

Best Wishes,

Jagex Team

Chad jumped up again and shouted in excitement. He smiled and went to his bedroom and began to pack his suitcase.

----May 1st 10:38 am Crystal’s House----

Crystal cleaned up the remaining breakfast dishes, as Jason came up behind her and kissed her on her cheek and wrapped his arms around her as he nuzzled his face into her neck.

“Babe,” Crystal said, getting her husband’s attention. She turned around and looked at him, his arms still around her.

“Yes honey?” Jason said continuing to nuzzle his wife’s neck.

“Remember that contest I told you about on Runescape?”

“Yes, and I told you if, if you win, that is if, I told you that you could go…why?”

“Well today is the day that the results are in, and I was thinking that we could check them out together…” Jason then took his wife’s hand.

“I bet you a thousand dollars that you don’t win.” Jason said, leading his wife into the office.

“That’s no fair! I don’t have a thousand dollars…how about I make you breakfast in bed for the next two weeks if I don’t win…”

“How about breakfast and head…” Jason said winking at Crystal. She rolled her eyes and smacked her husband playfully on the arm.

“Only you would think of that, you are so oversexed I swear…” Crystal said watching her husband turn on the computer.

“Well I’m a guy what do you expect…besides, who else could touch, lick, and suck me as good as you do.” Jason said, pulling his wife into his lap and he immediately started to kiss her neck.

“Mmm…God, don’t do this…you’re going to make me go crazy if you keep doing that.” Crystal said, getting up, and turning around to straddle her husband’s hips. She began lavishing kisses on his neck.

“Mmm…baby, let’s see if you won…” Jason said, looking over his wife’s shoulder and reaching around her to type Runescape’s website. He looked underneath the updates to find the title The winners of the drawing is…. Jason clicked it as his other hand traveled to his wife’s breast where it squeezed. Jason’s eyes scanned over the page. His jaw dropped and his hand fell away from Crystal’s body. Crystal noticed this and stopped kissing her husband’s neck long enough to look behind her. She read the message and leapt out of her husband’s lap to do a happy dance.

“WooHoo!!! I’m going to LA!!! Yes, yes, yes…and you my dear husband, just lost a thousand dollars…” Crystal said jump into her husband’s lap.

“I should’ve just kept my mouth shut…now I’m out a thousand bucks…” Jason said bitterly. Crystal then turned toward the computer and went to her inbox and saw that she had a message. She clicked on it.

Dear cmh 05,

Congratulations, you have been randomly selected to test out a new beta version of Runescape. Tickets have been reserved at Phoenix International. You will leave on May 4th at 5:23 pm and arrive in Los Angeles at 6:49 pm. You will be staying overnight at the Four Seasons hotel. If you decide not to go on the plane, you can travel via car and meet one of our team members at the hotel. Just give us your cell phone number with an rsvp to make sure you can make it. A map has been sent to your email address, in case you have any questions on where to go. We look forward to meeting you!

Best Regards,
Jagex Team

“The 4th and 5th are on Saturday and Sunday, you could request those days off couldn’t you?”

“I suppose I could…what’s in it for me?”

“Jason, its LA. Clubs, Hollywood, shopping malls…whatever you can think of that’d be fun they have it.”

“Phoenix has all that babe…”

“Not Hollywood!! It could be a short second honeymoon baby…”


“Yeah, hell we’ll have sex in public if it’ll make you get those days off to come with me babe.”

“Sex in public huh…hm…what about the kids?”

“I was thinking that your mom could watch them. It’s only a weekend honey, it’s not like we are going to be gone for a whole week.”

“All right, deal. I’ll go.”

“Ooh yay!” Crystal said, her lips crashing upon Jason’s. The kiss quickly turned passionate.

----Peoria Illinois. In some high school. May 1st 2:48 pm-----

“So what are you up to?” A girl with blonde hair dressed in a pink polo and beige khakis whispered to Pyper, noticing Pyper take out her laptop.

“Checking something.” Pyper whispered back.

“The teach isn’t going to like that.” The girl said eyeing Pyper evilly.

“Like I give a f**k.” Pyper mumbled, rolling her eyes. “You never used to care before Rachel, why start now.” Suddenly Rachel raised her hand just as the male teacher turned around.

“Um, Mr. Sergetta, are laptops allowed in the classroom?” Rachel asked casting an mean glare in Pyper’s direction.

“No they are not. Now pay attention Miss. Hannerby. Any more interruptions from you will be grounds for a detention, understand?”

“But, Mr. Sergetta Py--” Everyone in the class stared at Rachel as her cheeks flushed with embarrassment.

“Not another word. Now class as I was saying…” Pyper leaned over to Rachel.

“Yeah Rachel no use in interrupting the teacher in the middle of a lecture…you’ll end up in detention.” Suddenly Rachel shot Pyper a look that if look could kill Pyper would’ve incinerated in the very desk she sat at.

“Mr. Sergetta, Pyper has a laptop in class and she’s surfing the internet with it.” Suddenly Pyper shut her mini laptop and shoved it in her bag. She then opened her notebook where she had been taking notes earlier. Rachel had a look of shock on her face.

“Mr. Sergetta I don’t know what Rachel is talking about I’ve been taking notes the entire period…” The bell rang.

“Okay class, I want you to read chapters 20 through 24 and I would like a only the even numbered concept check questions done by tomorrow. Pyper and Rachel stay put, I need to talk to the both of you.”

As the class cleared out Rachel and Pyper both stayed in their seats. Mr. Sergetta pulled up a chair in the middle of the row and sat down.

“Now girls, I don’t know what the rivalry between you two is all about, and quite honestly I don’t care, but when you step foot inside my classroom I want all the tension to be left outside this classroom. Do you understand…”

“Tell Pyper that, I didn’t do anything…”

“Rachel, don’t play the innocent act on me, I heard the harsh things you’ve said to Pyper….”


“I have ears and a remarkably good sense of hearing. You have both said and done things to hurt the other person, and I will have none of that in my classroom. So to instill this so that we don’t have another incident like today, I am giving you both detention.”

“What!?!?!” Rachel said looking shocked.

“Oh Joy.” Pyper said slouching back in her chair and crossing her arms over her chest.

“Detention Mr. Sergetta? I’ve never been in detention, my parents will kill me! You can’t do this…”

“Not my problem, see you at 3:45 girls.” And with that Mr. Sergetta got up as the next group of students started to flood the classroom. Both Pyper and Rachel got up from their seats and walked out of the classroom. Once out of sight of Mr. Sergetta, Rachel slammed Pyper up against a locker.

“You little bitch, watch your fucking back, because when you least expect it I’ll…” Pyper pushed Rachel away and she collided with a nerdy 7th grader and fell on her ass.

“Rachel, get a fucking life and go to hell. You don’t scare me, and you never will. So f**k off.” Pyper said as she turned her heel and continued down the hall. She opened her locker and grabbed her books for the last period and closed her locker to be startled by her another girl standing there.

“Jesus Nikki, do you always have to startle me?” Pyper said as she started to her last class. Nikki followed at Pyper’s side.

“So I heard Rachel cornered you huh?”

“How did you--”

“She slammed you up against that locker pretty hard. Everyone near you guys took notice. Then when you shoved her into that kid…man I wanted to laugh. Rachel nearly squashed that kid…”

“Heh, I didn’t notice….God can I just skip this last period…English is such a fcuking drag…”

“How many skips do you have in that class…”

“Like two…why you want to skip?”

“Hell yeah, I need a cigarette…how about you?”

“I’m down.” Pyper said, then remembering about the results of the contest. “I need to use the net though, I gotta check out something.”

“Like what?”

“Like this awesome gothic dress I saw on this website. I wanted to buy it. It’ll freak my parents out like hella bad.”

“Ooh yeah,” Nikki said as they walked outside of the school.

*Twenty Minutes later*

“Holy shit!!! I won! I fcuking won!”

“Won what?”

“A contest.” Pyper said, taking a drag of her cigarette.

“What’d you win?”

“A trip to LA.”

“Los Angeles! No fcuking way! You better take me damn it!”

“I can’t.”

“Why the hell not?”

“It says I have to bring a parent along since I’m under 18.”

“That bites. Seriously that hardcore bites…have you even told your parents?”

“Hell no. They’d never let me do it.”

“Ooh…that’s gonna be fun…hey what about me? I could dress up and act like your parent…”

“No Nikki, you don’t look anything like me.”

“Well damn. There you go shooting my ideas down…hey what about your older sister…”

“Carmen? She wouldn’t understand.”

“How do you know? It really wouldn’t hurt to ask.”

“I guess…let me call her.” She said opening her small cell phone and calling her sister.


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This story is SO amazing! I love it. It reminds me of the .hack//sign series. You could have taught the Japanese a thing or two about how to write their series hehe. Looking forward to next update!