The Truth behind the 1995 extortion attempt


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I came to post an update to this story, but I cannot find it among any of the topics.

In 1995 Diane goes to Canada she claims to investigate allegations of molestation by Michael of a Canadian boy. When the story did not go the way she hoped....another big scoop she came home gave it to her editor and they had someone else read the story, giving praise to Dimond for having uncovered the extortion attempt when it was the Canadian Police who had done so and using the story to say she wasn't bias against Michael.

Sneddon the guy who told us that he had been too busy with his life to chase around looking for information on Michael for the past ten years was doing just that and we know he flew to Australia to lie and harass Mrs. Robson into making up a story he could use to prosecute Michael, (that was one of V. Gutierrez's lies from his book...probably passed on by Dimond.....Sucker) but what we did not know was the SB Police or FBI investigated an allegation by a Canadian boy in 1994. (NOTHING IN THE FBI FILES ABOUT THIS) There are no other allegations or Tabloid stories about a child from Canada.

Dimond's story:

The Truth: http://www.sbscpubli...respstatrpt.pdf (P.17, Ltr Para 2 (1) )
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