Username change?

I'm just wondering if it would be possible to request a change of username but still keeping my other details which are included on this account?

I should give you the reason why I am requesting a change in username shouldn't I?

It's actually a legitimate reason. Because my username includes several characters which aren't common to most computers, it is difficult for me to sign into my account when I want to access the forum on a different computer (i.e school) as it doesn't contain or recognise the characters which are used in my username. I quess I should have thought about this when I created this username, should've I?


So if I was able to change my username, it would make things alot easier for me to access my account at different computers without being restricted to this computer.


Thank you :)


New member
aw that sucks.. your username is pretty :)

But maybe PM Whisper? she tends to either ignore or miss these kinda topics..