Watch and Learn (poem)


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Okay this is a poem thing I have written and well it's called 'Watch and Learn' (title thanks to Janna) and tis about Mike and well...heck, read it.

Sitting around listening to some oldies looking at pics of Angelina Jolie,
Suddenly I see Michael Jackson on the TV,
Stop looking at the pics and turn the TV Volume up to 13,
Mike dancing so great it seems that he'll come out of the TV's screen.
Try to copy a spin of his and miss, fall and then get back up again
Try again and again, till I get it, yeah thats right finally I dont miss it.
But then the clip is off the screen and all I see is Diane Dimond talking evil things, saying this and that but she really doesn't know crap.
She needs to back off she aint part of this case, needs to get a paper bag to hide her face.
And some addvice to Snddon you better hide your face too, cause your gonna need to when Mike is thru with you.