What is Welfare Fraud?


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What is Welfare Fraud?

Welfare recipients are committing fraud if they:

* falsely report that a parent is absent from the household
* intentionally fail to report a change in the household composition, income or resources that would affect their eligibility for benefits.
* intentionally fail to report any change in circumstances that would affect their eligibility for benefits
* intentionally receive benefits from two or more states at the same time

Source [.pdf]: http://www.state.sd.us/social/DSS/Publicat...eries/fraud.pdf


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Welfare fraud is a serious crime that threatens millions of public dollars. It is committed by individuals fraudulently receiving benefits and by public employees stealing from within the system. In both cases, these criminals who cheat the welfare system cheat more than a government agency. They cheat society of much needed resources and taxpayers of their hard-earned money.

The District Attorney’s Office is committed to combating welfare fraud and protecting the County’s welfare fund. Criminals who live a life of luxury while receiving public assistance benefits and who violate the public trust in their jobs will have their assets seized and will be prosecuted.

Recipient Welfare Fraud

The District Attorney’s Welfare Fraud Division prosecutes individuals who commit fraud to receive CalWORKs (AFDC) money or food stamps. The Division, comprised of specially trained prosecutors, seeks prison sentences for those who cheat the system.

The Welfare Fraud Division does not investigate or receive tips regarding recipient welfare fraud. To report possible welfare fraud activity, please call Los Angeles County’s Central Fraud Reporting Center at (323) 777-4959. You can also contact these other resources.

Internal Welfare Fraud

The District Attorney’s Public Integrity Division works with the County’s Department of Public and Social Services to investigate and prosecute County employees who attempt to steal from the welfare system from within.

Welfare Fraud Division
Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office
210 W. Temple Street, Suite 12-401
Los Angeles, CA. 90012
(213) 974-6713

Source: http://da.co.la.ca.us/wf/default.htm