Another day, another Michael Jackson lawsuit (Nov 18 2004)


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Another day, another Michael Jackson lawsuit

LOS ANGELES (AP) – An antiques and furniture store has sued pop star Michael Jackson for allegedly failing to pay a nearly $180,000 bill.

Kamad Enterprise, which owns Mayfair Gallery, claimed Jackson owes $178,875 US of the $378,875 in merchandise he allegedly purchased in May, according to a complaint filed Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Mayfair Gallery sells mostly 19th-century European furniture.

Jackson bought 20 items, including a malachite urn, a Louis XVI-style bust clock, silver bread holder and an Austrian gold-painted dancing girl, the complaint said.

A lawyer for Jackson, Brian Oxman, said he had not reviewed the complaint. "Like other proceedings involving Michael Jackson, we'll look at it carefully and deal with it in a professional manner," Oxman said.

It was the second legal action against Jackson this week alleging he failed to pay bills. J. Marc Schaffel, a former producer and business associate, sued the singer Tuesday, claiming Jackson owes him more than $3 million in loans and producing fees.

Jackson is also facing child molestation charges and has pleaded not guilty. His trial is scheduled for Jan. 31.


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Oh for f/ucks sake... :throwings But I suppose $178,875 is pocket money to Michael. :D Oh yeh, I forgot - he's broke! NOT! :laugh


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Originally posted by whisper
I think these people are full of shit.


I totally agree with you. I mean if you ask me a Statute (SP?) needs to be put on cases like the ones Michael is faceing now. Also Michael is a very wealthy man, He's got the money to pay for his purchases (SP?)



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I have to question the timing of these lawsuits. Why are people trying to take him to court now when they no damn good & well that he's on the verge of beginning his trial in 2 & a half months?