Appeals Court Decision- Any freakin day now please :D


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Court Case Search Results - Second Appellate District
Jackson v. Superior Court County of Santa Barbara et al.
Division 6
Case Number B178850
Court data last updated: 12/02/2004 06:11 AM

Docket Entries (Register of Actions)
Date Description Notes
10/29/2004 Request filed to: for leave to file petition for writ of prohibition in excess of
word limit.

10/29/2004 Request filed to: to file petition under seal.

10/29/2004 Request filed to: to submit CD ROM in liew of Gran Jury Transcripts

11/01/2004 Order filed. Req to file Petition in excess of word limitation is granted.

11/01/2004 Order filed. permission to file writ of prohibition under seal is granted.

11/01/2004 Order filed. req to submit CD ROM in lieu of Grand Jury Transcripts is granted.
(CD ROM scanned for viruses by Marc, deemed clear of virus)

10/29/2004 Filed petition for writ of: Prohibition, filed under seal per order of this court.

10/29/2004 Exhibits lodged. 3 vols of exhibits, including exhibit "G" (a CD ROM of Grand Jury

11/12/2004 Motion filed. to UNSEAL records relating to petition (by: NBC, CBS, Fox,
Cable, Assoc. Press, New Yor Time; & USA Today

11/12/2004 Filed proof of service. to NBC, et al's mot/unseal records

11/22/2004 Order filed. The three volumes of exhibits lodged in support of petition shall be
segregated into sealed AND public volumes and shall be lodged with
this court on or before 12/6/04. Our ruling on the petition & on the
motion to unseal the record is deferred. It is further ordered that
all documents presently filed with this court remain conditionally
sealed pending further order.

Has anyone really figured out with this one was for? GJ transcripts mean most probably 995 right?

Everything in has to be in by the 6th - so a decision can come anytime after that, maybe a week?



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they probably are.

I still dont why it says "Civil" or if this is 995 or the Miller Raid.

I HOPE the indictment gets tossed, but in the event of a postive ruling it'll probably be for the BM raid.

Hopefully im wrong, that way the pain or happiness is less and greater respectively :D


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God what's taking them so long? I can't take this waiting anymore, it's torture. I just want this ish to be over.
I wished they'd hurry up and rule on these appeals. I'm left in suspense.

I'm hoping that we get a conciderably postive ruling, the best outcome obviously being the indictment being dismissed. We can only wait.. I just hope the desion could be made soon.



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ok this was added:

12/06/2004 Exhibits lodged. 1 volume Amended Sealed Exhibits A-C
1 volume Amended Public Exhibit D
1 volume Amended Public Exhibits E-G

12/06/2004 Filed proof of service. re: amended sealed and public exhibits


maybe some things will be released? The media's appeal is stuck in there too, maybe they won some stuff in their motion (??)


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I wonder if this thing will go down like the Kobe case- prosecution side of course. I thimk Mike wants his day in court!!!!


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Originally posted by dangerous
I think Mike needs another day at the spa!

i want this ish thrroowwwnnn OUT! tossed to the curb and urinated on by all passing dogs.

is there a chance the whole case will be thrown out?


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if the indictment is tossed, then we are back to the beginning. Headed towards a prelim.

We have to see what the appeals court rules though. Hopefully we'll know before xmas.